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What would a site like this one be without a section filled with funny celebrities pictures that can also be viewed as offensive celebrities images depending on your likes and dislikes? We tell you to laugh, cringe, think as the motto for our site and what better people than movie stars, sports figures and other celebrities to help us do that? Often, they do and say things that we can’t ignore and that's why we're always looking for funny celebrities quotes too. Then again, there are other times celebrities are trying to be amusing and wind up pissing most of us off. Remember, we've put this thing together to be yours and an arena for the debate between free speech and political correctness. Funny or offensive isn’t an entertainment site, but the celebrities we watch never fail to give us something to think about as we draw the line between modern good and bad taste. Remember, we put this website together so that you can get involved and become part of the debate. Even the funny celebrities videos that we post here are meant to stir and provoke comments. The people who star in the movies we love and make the music we listen to might be richer than us, but they share our experiences as people and we want you to tell us how you feel about the things they do and say. As far as we know, we’re the first destination on the Internet to take on the big challenge of trying to define the differences between what’s funny and offensive. With that said, we want you to know there's no right or wrong material that you post here because we’re trying to start a dialogue. We welcome your funny celebrities pictures and other materials to get the ball rolling.

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