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Climate Change

Subjects that touch each and every one of us are the stuff we love here at Funny or Offensive and funny environment videos and pictures head up our topical lists. Remember we are in the business of getting people together to share, discuss and define what really makes things funny. After all, isn’t there a really fine line between what’s funny or offensive? In other words, isn’t humor in the eye of the beholder? We want your opinion on the funny environment pics that others post and we’d love to see the ones you’ve been dying to share. Since this is a subject that everyone has some kind of opinion on, it would be great if you shard any of the funny environment quotes you’ve seen or heard. It would seem to us that what the politicians have to say on this issue might very well be some of the most funny or offensive items we post. While we know the environment is important and something each and every one of us needs to take seriously, we also feel that having a good laugh over even the most important subjects of the day is the best medicine. Since we been traveling down this experiment in freedom of speech, Funny or Offensive has caught the attention of some of the names you know like Anthony Bourdain and others. We even like to suggest while you’re sorting through your offensive environment images to look at the quotes from celebrities we’ve put together on the subject of humor. Then, once you’ve been sufficiently motivated, you should be sending us your funny environment pictures and letting others in the Funny or Offensive community vote. It’s a great way to start a dialogue and get to know exactly what your contemporaries actually think is funny or offensive.

May 28, 2015 - It's raining in Texas, but Bill Nye is in the midst of a twit-storm....