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Just because most criminals are stupid doesn't mean we can't learn from them. It's important to us that you submit even offensive crime images because we are always looking to adopt a new angle on the funny or offensive debate. Funny crime videos are another vehicle to steer the kind of debate that we are looking for here at Funny or Offensive. Crime memes that are meant to poke fun or even offend are just the kind of material to start a discussion that will arrive at some kind of understanding. Remember, we’re not here to police the humor that you submit to us, but only to use it to fan the flames of healthy debate. This is a serious commentary site about humor and as such we need all the input we can get. That means the next time you come across funny crime videos you think might be for perfect for our website, send them in. We are the pl that values you as a contributor. That's why we stay in the background to let our visitors debate these humor issues with each other. Crime isn’t funny, but sometimes crime humor is in the eye of the beholder and that's why we've decided to include this category. If you really want to get a good idea about the opinions of others have on the issues we tackle here, why not take a few minutes to visit our Foo for Thought section and read some of the thoughts from your favorite comedians and entertainers. Then, after your done, make sure to start putting together some of your funny crime pics and send them in to us. You can even use our special meme generator to make a serious point or just have some fun with the subject. It’s all up to you here at Funny or Offensive.

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