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You would think that food humor is pretty safe but that’s not where we want to take it here at Funny or Offensive. One of our sole objectives is to stir up the debate around what is funny or offensive and that's why we’re looking for amusing pictures and offensive food images at the same time. We all see things in a different way and want to celebrate those differences with this website. Everyone's mother told them not to play with their food but we encourage it here. We want you to contribute what you consider to be funny food videos and then be open-minded enough to see how they stack up against other people's opinions. If you're really going to have an open and honest discussion about freedom of expression and what people find offensive or amusing, we feel you need to take a hands on approach and be able to tackle every subject, including food. Think about the virtually limitless possibilities that food memes present and you'll see what we're trying to do. Funny or offensive is a website that is not only about freedom of expression and deciding on how far to stretch the boundaries, it's also a place for you to use your imagination. If you're not sure about how you want to submit something under this food humor category, why not take a few minutes to look around our site to get a feel for what others have contributed and the reactions from visitors? We are sure you will see how vibrant and energetic the Funny or Offensive community is and get a feel for how we are trying to open a dialogue that everyone can share in. Keep in mind that we look for all different kinds of submissions, including funny food quotes that are either amusing or offensive depending on your particular taste.

May 08, 2015 - A life of crime never pays. The Hamburglar's learning that lesson the hard way...