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Gender humor has become a big category as the divisions between men and women and gender stereotypes blur. Funny gender pictures are one of the big staples here at Funny or Offensive. From past reality TV stars talking about transgender rights to late-night television stars commenting on controversial bathroom laws, we have a real library of submissions for you to vote on. We want you to send in your funny gender pics and funny gender quotes as well. It's quick and simple to login and start sending us your gender humor submissions. We know there are always 50 shades of gray in between any debate over what is funny or offensive and we want you to have your opinions known. This is a great category for gender memes. Keep in mind that we do not moderate the opinions of our contributors because we want you to think of Funny or Offensive as your website. This isn't just an entertainment platform, but a place to make a serious commentary about the real issues affecting us today and have a little fun at the same time. Why not take a look through your files for funny gender videos that you can submit? If you can find offensive gender images that you are sure will stir some controversy, we would like to see those as well. Keep in mind that Funny or Offensive is your website and we want to know where you stand in the never-ending debate between freedom of speech and political correctness. Gender humor is a great place to start and that's why we've included it as one of the categories. Take a few minutes to read about people from the comedy world who are sharing their experiences with us and then submit some funny gender pics. We’re looking forward to your submissions.

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