Obesity Humor

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This might be the number one challenge America faces today, but that doesn't mean there aren't some funny obesity pictures that you can’t send our way. While there are people who might consider obesity humor old school, we think it's just the right topic to start a good discussion on political correctness. Remember, our website is all about what you consider to be both funny and offensive and we think it's important we are able to laugh at ourselves. Obesity memes might be just the thing to make you either smile or flinch, but the whole purpose of our website is to get you laughing, thinking and even cringing if necessary. Offensive obesity images might be the trigger to get you thinking in a different way about how much extra weight Americans are actually carrying and whether it’s funny or not. It's a worthy topic when you consider that recent statistics state the medical cost of obesity in the United States is billions of dollars per year. However, we’re more interested in funny obesity quotes that can get your double chin shaking with mirth or rage. Funny or Offensive wants you to laugh, cringe and think about why you find certain funny obesity pictures amusing or angering. Get involved and submit something yourself. Vote on what you consider to be offensive obesity images. Both submitting and voting allow you to define what you find either funny or offensive by looking at the size of someone else’s waist. What fun. Still, this isn’t just another place to make fat jokes. Sure we want to publish the funny obesity pics you have but we want you to take a serious look at why you find someone’s love handles funny or disgusting at the same time. Get busy and find your best funny obesity videos or pictures today.

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