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Everything about politics is funny or offensive or a bit of both. Political satire is fun for everyone and funny political jokes take the edge off the things politicians do to make us mad. They say and do things that need to be made fun of everyday. We want you to supply the political memes and political humor to accomplish that goal. Think back to one of the last things you heard one of these political court jesters say that upset you. Remember how you felt you wanted to take charge and have a say? Here’s where you’ll get your chance to share a sense of political humor about the things these pathological fibbers come out with. They clog up cyberspace and network time and we want you to hit back with a barrage of political memes, humor or both. This site is where you get to pay them back. So get busy. This is a democracy and you have a right to be heard. Be offended and let all of those empty headed barnacles know what you think of them. Funny or Offensive is a great platform for you to laugh, cringe and think. Politics is one of those subjects everyone has an opinion on and you can share yours here simply by voting. There’s no need to stew about the things that the Congress, White House and your local politicians do any more. We’ve supplied a fun outlet where you can gather with other people like you and express yourself. Have fun. Get angry and vent. Take the wind out of their political sails or just laugh. It’s all up to you. Politics supplies the material everyday. We’ve supplied the canvas for you to work with. Have at it.

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