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Some of the categories we put forth here to see what you find funny or offensive are real lightning rods. Race humor tops the list. Can you imagine anything more polarizing than the differences between what are considered offensive race images by some and what are thought of as funny race pics by others? In many ways this is the category that gets straight to the heart of the most meaningful discussions we have in this country. Best of all, we want you to get involved by joining our community here at Funny or Offensive. Send in your funny race quotes, or funny race videos. We’re waiting to see what you’ve got that might rub people the wrong way too. That’s why we want to see the offensive race images as much as the funny ones. There’s always the other kind of race too and we love to see funny race pics of people, their vehicles and even animals going around a track. But somehow we think our readers are a little more serious minded when it comes to funny race videos and lean more toward the issues around the human race. So, what’s funny or offensive about that latest ad featuring an interracial couple? How do the things that come out of politician’s mouths rank when it comes to funny or offensive? You get to decide with funny race memes, what you consider offensive race images or any other kind of race humor you find relevant. If you're having trouble getting started you can take a few minutes to look through the Foo from Us section to see what kind of reactions race humor is getting. We like to think of ourselves as the first destination on the website to help you define what tickles the collective funny bone and what doesn’t. Why not login to get started with some funny race videos today?

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