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There's really no topic that is out of bounds here at Funny or Offensive. Religious humor has always cut a wide swath. We are always looking for topics that can ignite the spark of debate through funny religious quotes and religious memes. For a healthy society that discusses all the issues, we all need to have a sense of religious humor because nothing can be exempt. This is one of those categories that really lends itself to your imagination when it comes to putting together some excellent religious memes. It's a good idea to keep your phone handy on those Sunday drives because the signs in front of many churches supply some of the best material for funny religious pics. Of course, Funny or Offensive is an equal opportunity website in the sense that we are looking for funny religious videos from any and all of the faiths. We can even poke fun at those institutions we believe in. Or we can use offensive religious images to make our point about how opposed we are to any particular church. If you're an atheist, it's more than likely you consider religion a joke and have a full arsenal of funny religious pics at the ready. On the other side of that coin, practicing Christians, Muslims and people of other denominations have a sense of humor they'd like to share too. Remember Funny or Offensive was developed as a website so you could have a form for discussion and debate about everything from political correctness to religious issues. We won't take sides no matter what kind of funny religious quotes you send us. We all remember the old jokes that start out with the priest walking into a bar and we want you to share your versions with us. So, get busy and send us your funny religious quotes and funny religious memes today.

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