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Some topics are in the news every day and that makes them a perfect fit for us here at Funny or Offensive. Can you think of a better subject than terrorism to vote on? If you’ve got an adventuresome streak, you’re already imagining what you could submit and label as terrorism humor. Of course there are those offensive terrorism images that we can all agree are horrible. But we want you to laugh, cringe and think and that’s why we’re also looking for terrorism memes and even what you consider funny terrorism pics. Maybe there’s even some funny terrorism quotes you’ve heard that we can throw into the mix. We’re looking for the very things that create a reaction because we want to know how you define what’s funny or offensive. Remember, you can think something is funny and be offended by it at the same time. This isn’t the site for haters. The idea is to get offensive terrorism images out in the public domain or submit something that you think classifies as terrorism humor. Once you make your submission people will vote on it as either funny or offensive and the discussion around what's politically correct will start. This is a website that is designed to explore the boundaries around political correctness and those 50 shades of gray that lies somewhere in between. There is nothing off the table as far as we are concerned here at Funny or Offensive and that includes terrorism humor. We’ll bet you’ll find some of the things politicians say on the subject qualify as so insane they fall under this banner. Terrorism memes are another option that you have to get your point across. Don't shy away from the touchy subjects like terrorism humor because we want to open a debate. It's the American way.

March 1, 2015 -- If Dakota Johnson thought she was done being flogged after 50 Shades of Gray,...