Ariana Grande Licks Doughnuts – Puts Hole In Vendor’s Health Rating

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Ariana Grande Licks Doughnuts

July 9, 2015 – Ariana Grande licks doughnuts and even appears to spit on them in a video caught by a sweets store security camera. The pop sensation and her current love, backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, were inside Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California on Saturday when a cranky Grande made some unpatriotic comments. She then caught sight of a tray of large glazed doughnuts which she proceeded to spit on and lick. Grande canceled her concert at baseball’s All-Star Game and apologized after the tape which included her saying, “I hate America” went viral. But the apology didn’t have enough sprinkles for the shop owner, who says she should face charges for licking his Boston cremes.

Instead, the health department turned its attention to the vendor, not Grande, questioning him about the placement of the apparently irresistibly lickable doughnuts. (Same logic behind the no alcohol rule in California strip clubs – people just can’t control themselves when confronted with nipples…or crullers.) The donut shop has since confirmed that they have been docked one letter grade by the health department, meaning they now have a ‘B’ grade as opposed to their previous “A.” Video of the donut debacle shown here courtesy of TMZ:


Grande is currently facing no charges for the incident but the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department report does include the phrase “maliciously lick,” so at least we have that to enjoy.

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Jared from Subway

5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Licks Doughnuts – Puts Hole In Vendor’s Health Rating

  1. My daughter and about 20 of her classmates decided not to go to her concert next Aug. That’s a new one. First time any of my kids have ever asked me to get a refund for a concert. I asked her and a couple of her friends why; hard to swallow their answer (no pun intended) but they challenged me to look it up.

    This entertainer did some pretty vile stuff for a 22 yr. old. Has she always had this foul behavior?

    Spitting on peoples food is sickening enough but combining it with the harassment and disrespect of people behind the counter is about as offensive as it gets (short of physical injury). A lot of entertainers act wild but I haven’t heard of any spitting on other people’s food. Maybe if she was 7 or 8 years old, it would make more sense.

    Haven’t heard of any verbally proclaiming their hatred of America and it’s citizens either. Doesn’t that kind of kill repeat business? Extremely bizarre but it’s a free country and she can think or say whatever she wants. She’ll have to live with the consequences.

    I noticed in her apology she wants to disappear. That might be a good idea considering the volumes of negative comments I keep coming across.

    My daughter and her friends are telling me “she’s gross and toast.” Never heard her music but it must not be good enough to overcome her offensive personality, her appalling behavior or both.

    Hope she’s able to straighten out her mental problems and more importantly, doesn’t set an example for others to think her behaviour is acceptable.

  2. gross. of course she doesn’t get in trouble because she’s a celebrity but the poor donut dude gets his rating f’d up

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