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Domestic Violence

It's not that domestic violence in itself is a funny subject, but rather that we are interested in understanding your reactions and opinions on what's funny or offensive. That's why we’re looking for offensive domestic violence images as part of our overall category. If you think you have funny domestic violence pictures, we want to see those as well. The whole point of the website is to stir up debate and get people thinking and reacting to each other's opinions. That's the whole foundation of a democracy, isn't it? What one person might see as funny domestic violence quotes because the speaker is obviously misguided and strange, someone else will take total offense too. Here at Funny or Offensive, we've taken taboo subjects and thrown them into the mix to find out what makes our valued readers tick. Some of the topics that we select like this one are at the center of a public firestorm at all times. Remember, we are not taking sides here, or suggesting that domestic violence be taken lightly. We are only interested in your reactions to what people find humorous. We didn't feel we would be doing a complete and thorough job unless we added some sensitive categories like this one because we know everyone has an opinion. Laugh. Cringe. Think. We put those three words up on the banner for our website for a very good reason. It's important to us that you learn from your interactions with everybody else who visits funny or offensive how to do those three things. Even the thought of domestic violence humor might be offensive right off the start to some, but we want our readers to have access to a variety of categories so everyone can have some input. Why not register for an account today and get busy with our domestic violence memes that are sure to stir your fellow visitor’s opinions?

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