Blackface – Blunder Down Under?

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April 21, 2015 – It’s never a good day when you have to release a sheepish apology statement via the Sydney Morning Herald. That was the case for Briony Ingerson, a presenter for Fox Sports in Australia.

“I’m deeply upset that my Instagram post offended people in the community,” says Ingerson. “That was not my intent; it was a very poor error in judgement and I now understand how inappropriate it was. The post has been removed and I offer my sincere apologies to those that were hurt by it.”

The blackface photo seen above has indeed been removed and, according to Ingerson, was originally intended to celebrate an acquaintance appearing on a jungle-themed edition of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!  The photo went largely un-noticed until a former intern brought it to attention via Twitter.

In the early days of coverage, Ingerson, having returned to her native state of “white-face,” said, “No harm intended. Just wanted to give our hard-working friend a giggle.” That didn’t stop the flames from fanning further into the current media brushfire now raging in Australia.

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0 thoughts on “Blackface – Blunder Down Under?

  1. Do white people think blackface is like getting bitten by a radioactive spider? Do y’all think you’re going to get like super strength and your dick will get bigger and you’ll suddenly be able to dance because I can’t, for the life of me understand why you keep doing it. Seriously.

    1. Mocking human suffering and celebrating depravity and oppression? I can see how some people might find that funny.

    2. I understand how one could say that blackface is a stupid thing that un-funny white people do. I don’t understand how you could say that someone in blackface is mocking suffering and celebrating expression. So yes – if you don’t mind, please explain.

    3. so far i’m calling your argument a tie – and i’m guessing one of you is white and one of you is black

    4. DoGoOn –

      Come on, now. A Wikipedia link to blackface doesn’t explain anything, it just gives the definition of blackface. You still haven’t explained why you think that when stupid, un-funny white people wear blackface, they’re mocking suffering and celebrating depravity and oppression.

      bostonclam – I’m the white guy.

    5. I had no idea that if you want a bigger dick all you have to do is get bitten by a radioactive spider. Where can I get a radioactive spider? If I can’t find one will blackface do it? I’m not so worried about the super strength. Thanks!

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