Blackface – Blunder Down Under?

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April 21, 2015 – It’s neverĀ a good day when you have to release a sheepish apologyĀ statement via theĀ Sydney Morning Herald. That was the case forĀ Briony Ingerson, a presenter for Fox Sports in Australia.

ā€œIā€™m deeply upset that my Instagram post offended people in the community,ā€ says Ingerson. ā€œThat was not my intent; it was a very poor error in judgement and I now understand how inappropriate it was.Ā The post has been removed and I offer my sincere apologies to those that were hurt by it.ā€

The blackface photoĀ seen above has indeed been removed and, according to Ingerson, was originally intendedĀ to celebrateĀ an acquaintance appearing on a jungle-themed edition ofĀ Iā€™m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Ā The photo went largely un-noticed until a former intern brought it to attention via Twitter.

In the early days of coverage, Ingerson, having returned toĀ her native state of “white-face,” said,Ā “No harm intended. Just wanted to give our hard-working friend a giggle.”Ā That didn’t stopĀ the flames from fanningĀ further into theĀ current media brushfire now raging in Australia.

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0 thoughts on “Blackface – Blunder Down Under?

  1. Do white people think blackface is like getting bitten by a radioactive spider? Do y’all think you’re going to get like super strength and your dick will get bigger and you’ll suddenly be able to dance because I can’t, for the life of me understand why you keep doing it. Seriously.

    1. Mocking human suffering and celebrating depravity and oppression? I can see how some people might find that funny.

    2. I understand how one could say that blackface is a stupid thing that un-funny white people do. I don’t understand how you could say that someone in blackface is mocking suffering and celebrating expression. So yes – if you don’t mind, please explain.

    3. so far i’m calling your argument a tie – and i’m guessing one of you is white and one of you is black

    4. DoGoOn –

      Come on, now. A Wikipedia link to blackface doesn’t explain anything, it just gives the definition of blackface. You still haven’t explained why you think that when stupid, un-funny white people wear blackface, they’re mocking suffering and celebrating depravity and oppression.

      bostonclam – I’m the white guy.

    5. I had no idea that if you want a bigger dick all you have to do is get bitten by a radioactive spider. Where can I get a radioactive spider? If I can’t find one will blackface do it? I’m not so worried about the super strength. Thanks!

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