Budweiser – The King of Leers

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UPDATE¬†May 5, 2015 – On his HBO Show, Last Week Tonight¬†with John Oliver,¬†the bespectacled host¬†took aim at Bud Light’s rape-suggestive label, which read, “The perfect beer for removing ‘No’ from your vocabulary for the night.” [At press time, 69 percent of FunnyorOffensive¬†voters declared Bud Light’s slogan¬†offensive.] Oliver called¬†out the brand for not only being bro-tastic and insensitive, but also ran¬†a parody of their ads¬†with some nice¬†burns, including,

“Bud Light tastes like the beer that someone already threw up.”

“It tastes like the flat soda that a homeless guy uses to rinse off birds.”

And, “But light tastes like Steven Segal‚Äôs precum.”

April 30, 2015 –¬†Budweiser Light’s “Up for Whatever” campaign¬†may rapidly be going down the tubes. Custom bottles¬†started rolling out¬†in early December, featuring¬†47 different messages which Anheuser-Busch announced were¬†“intended to inspire spontaneous fun.” ¬†Unfortunately the latest label,¬†“The perfect beer for removing ‘No’ from your vocabulary for the night,” has inspired spontaneous anger¬†for some who view the tag line as offensive and “downright rapey.”


Lisa Weser, senior director of U.S. marketing communications for Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch backpedaled on Twitter via a tweet to Adweek:

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3 thoughts on “Budweiser – The King of Leers

  1. how can this not be considered offensive? you just know some intern made this as a joke a somehow it made it into their campaign

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