double standard

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double standard


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13 thoughts on “double standard

  1. Well, yes its a double standard of course, but i don’t think we should be worrying about that, not unless the ratio of men raped/women raped while intoxicated changes drastically. I really don’t think women taking sexual advantage of drunk men is at all a common issue that we have to combat in this country, or anywhere in the world.

  2. If you take a man and a woman and they both have 6 drinks in 3 hours both are legally too intoxicated to operate a car. Both would be punished if they did so. Now switch this and apply it too consent for sex and it’s only the “man” that can be guilty of rape?? Can you see the problem yet?? This “standard” has nothing to do with equality… Just my two cents…

    1. Each party is drunk, but only one is said to be unable to give consent. How is that not enough information to know whether or not it’s a double standard, exactly?

    2. One example is that no information is given about HOW drunk. That covers a lot of ground. Was she tipsy? Was she completely passed out? What about him? That one word could describe a situation where there was very little wrongdoing, all the way up to a blatant sexual assault. Also, it says he was charged. Were the charges immediately thrown out? Was he convicted? Were there any repercussions? There are a lot more pieces of information I would want to see before taking the word of someone who has shown he can make a meme on the internet over the legal system.

    3. It was a poster. Jake isn’t a real person so no he was not actually charged with anything. A University made the poster and put it up to “get the message out” to Male students…

      So this didn’t actually happen, but the people in charge were def insinuating that Males can only be rapists and not the other way around.

      this is also like 20 years old and I am 99% sure it lasted like a week before they realized how wrong it was and stopped producing them.

    1. What’s wrong is because how ignorant you are. The man was raped there. Are you okay with men being raped when they are drunk? They can’t consent!

    2. Absolutely right–SHE RAPED HIM AND GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!


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