NRA Gets Bee In Bonnet Over Full Frontal’s Eddie Eagle Segment

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NRA Gets Bee In Bonnet Over Full Frontal’s Eddie Eagle Segment

April 17, 2016 – All Samantha Bee, host of TBS‘ late-night comedy show “Full Frontal,” wanted was to have a gun-loving, safety-spewing Eddie Eagle costume to call her own. Acquiring one proved to be hard…er than even purchasing an actual gun. For those who don’t stay abreast of nationally registered costumes, Eddie Eagle is the NRA mascot for “The Eddie Eagle GunSafe program” – a “gun accident prevention program that seeks to help parents, law enforcement, community service groups and educators navigate a topic paramount to our children’s safety.”

“If you spot a gun just walk away! Guns shouldn’t be left lying around…yeah stop!”
– Eddie Eagle, singing.
Bee opened her segment by driving home some harsh numbers. In the last 72 hours since the taping of the episode (aired 4/11/16) there had been 145 gun injuries and 70 gun deaths. The NRA still maintains a strong position against proposed gun regulations making them harder to purchase, so Bee decided to see if they would be just as lax about the process of obtaining an Eddie Eagle costume.
There were many obstacles along the road to furry masked glory. The first step was to fill out the 18-page costume application, which includes 36 rules and regulations. She then had to adhere to the mandatory 20 day waiting period after receipt of the application. “Who wants to wait 20 days to get something awesome? That’s not the America I know,” Bee quips.
She received no costume, so Bee and her team tried many tactics to seize Eddie. They looked online but found out the NRA banned the resale of costumes. They crashed events where he was in attendance, Bee offered $3,000 to the wearer of the costume, and they even created “Western North Carolina Community Safety Services” in the hopes that they could get a costume while sponsoring safety trainings. Luckily Hats! are still available to purchase on their W.N.C.C.S.S. site.
But as they hit more and more road blocks for Eddie, the Full Frontal team was able to buy more and more and more guns. At a gun show in New Mexico, a producer was able to buy a gun after a “rigorous” background check that included the seller saying “One question, are you a felon?” “No,” she replied. “Ok.” NRA
Bee begrudgingly accepted that the NRA won’t budge on their costume regulations and decides she can just “Etsy” her own out of raw materials. As the pre-taped clip fades out, Bee emerges onto her soundstage guns blazing wearing her own version of Eddie Eagle.
The audience cheered with excitement, but the NRA didn’t find it funny. They fired off a tweet. Bee shot back.

Watch the segment here courtesy of TBS and fire away…was Samantha Bee’s Eddie Eagle segment Funny or Offensive? VOTE and COMMENT now…


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