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June 03, 2015 – If you want to sell a lot of movie tickets, you build it around something recognizable, like a Transformers toy. If you want to sell a lot of ice cream, you name it after … Hitler? Apparently people in India know little about the Holocaust, so boxes of cones bearing Hitler’s name and beady eyed visage beside a giant ice cream cone are on sale across the sub-continent.

Of course, if you’re vegan, lacto, or holocaust-intolerant, you could go to The Soldatenkaffee (“Soldier’s Cafe”), a Nazi-themed coffee house in Indonesia and enjoy a nice cup of genocidal coffee. Either way, Germans are not amused.

According to the Daily Mail one Berliner said, “There is taste, and there is tastelessness. The people of India should be made aware of the terrible crimes committed by him.”

So, do Hitler cones taste great, or is this sweet treat too hard to swallow? VOTE NOW, and post your comments!

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