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July 2, 2015 – Paris Hilton was the victim of a terrifying prank by Egyptian actor Ramez Galal’s show Ramez in Control while she was in Dubai for the opening of a new hotel. The heiress boarded a small plane for what she thought was going to be a 15-minute aerial tour of the city – what Hilton didn’t know was that the faux pilot on the jet she boarded with a small group of passengers was Galal himself. Mid-flight the engines were intentionally cut and in the ensuing minutes Hilton understandably thought she was going to die as the plane headed for ground. Additional punch was added to the prank when one of the other “passengers” parachuted out the back of the plane.

The full episode is shown here with the Paris Hilton plane prank beginning at 5:13 —

After the hoax was revealed upon landing, Hilton collected herself but later tweeted:

“Scariest moment of my life. 😭✈️ I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die.”

It’s a rare occasion when the masses run to defend Paris Hilton, but many feel that this joke went way to far.

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*(In the last 24 hours reports have ranged from the heiress planning to sue the television show all the way to the prank itself being a hoax with Paris being in on it the whole time. If so, we may have the next Meryl Streep on our hands because her performance here would be a considerable improvement over her previous acting attempts like House of Wax and The Hottie & the Nottie.)

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