Presidential Candidate Masks That Can’t Be Unseen

Presidenital Candidate Masks
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Presidential Candidate Masks That Can’t Be Unseen

May 2, 2016 – We all wear masks from time to time when we don’t feel like being ourselves, and now if we feel like being a 2016 Presidential hopeful we can do that, too (while giving a bone-chilling gasp to anyone who sees us in the process.) Denver-based artist Landon Meier has a knack for creating lifelike masks that can make your skin crawl. His company, Hyperflesh, hosts great notorious finds from Walter White and Peter Dinklage to Charlie Sheen. And if you just want to be a baby with an adult torso, you’ve found the place.
Presidential Candidate Masks
Last weekend, Meier brought his Trump, Clinton and Sanders masks to Monsterpalozza  held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Meier told Buzzfeed News that with the political atmosphere being so polarizing he thought it would be fun to lampoon the high profile candidates. To do so he got the support and faces of his friend and girlfriend (friend and wrestler, Bo Cooper, played Trump and girlfriend, Ashley Teasdale, played Sanders while Meier himself made Clinton flex to life).
“I made Bernie the sexy socialist hippie, made Trump a white trash dude, and made Hillary a…I don’t know…a male dominatrix, I guess.”
Presidential Candidate Masks
When you walk through the convention center, you could see plenty of horror film icons, attend panels, see makeup demos, but apparently all Meier’s crew could do was pose for photos. “I literally couldn’t walk around because everyone was stopping to take a photo,” he said. “There was nobody who just walked by. Everyone was just dumbfounded.”
Presidential Candidate Masks
But if you were thinking about buying a Bernie mask and wearing it at Thanksgiving to make dinner with your Duck Dynasty-loving uncle even more uncomfortable you may have to save up. It costs around $4,500 to own this wearable art. You can find plenty of pictures on Instagram, though, if you found these masks as funny and entrancing as the Monster crowd did.

 No word yet on whether Meier will make a conjoined Cruz/Fiorina mask.

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