Serena Serves Shade on Sharapova with IG Slam

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Serena Serves Shade on Sharapova with IG Slam

March 8, 2016 – Hours after former World Number 1 and five-time Grand Slam champion, Maria Sharapova, held a press conference admitting a failed drug test, current World Number 1 and 21-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams posted the following photo on her Instagram feed. The pic shows an advertisement for a tennis exhibition featuring Serena’s smiling face taken in front of a Duane Reade drugstore sign. In the corner of the photo the first few letters of the word “pharmacy” appear in the background.

Sharapova claims she didn’t realize the endurance-boosting drug she was taking, Meldonium, was banned despite receiving a written warning from women’s tennis officials. (Critics also point out that Sharapova exceeded the drug’s recommended four to six week usage period by roughly nine years and eleven months.)

Sharapova may be the world’s highest paid female athlete, but Serena has owned the Russian born superstar on the court, beating her eighteen consecutive times dating back to 2004. Seems Williams might have served another ace with her IG dig.

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