Trump Fired Elmo from Sesame Street

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Trump Fired Elmo from Sesame Street

September 8, 2015 – Donald Trump’s The Apprentice was booted off NBC earlier this year after his contentious comments about Mexicans, but Sesame Street’s 2005 “Grouch Apprentice” lives on. In a clip unearthed by The Daily Beast, Donald Grump brags that he has “the most trash of any grouch in the world” and he’s emblazoned his name on “every piece of trash in town.” Then the Trump-iest muppet on Sesame Street cuts down Elmo with his trademark catchphrase by barking, “Scram! You’re Fired!”

Ultimately Donald Grump is overshadowed by his bright orange toupee, which Elmo steals at the end of the clip. “Eh take it,” he growls, tugging on another hairpiece. “I have more!”

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