Unintelligible Yelling – Closed Captioner Gives Up on GOP Debate

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Unintelligible Yelling – Closed Captioner Gives Up on GOP Debate

February 26, 2016 – If you had a hard time keeping up with Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, you’re not alone — during one 30 second segment of heated exchanges, CNN’s own closed captioner gave up and put the text “unintelligible yelling” across the screen for its hard of hearing viewers. The final GOP debate before Super Tuesday was held at the University of Houston and featured frontrunner Donald Trump literally being attacked from both sides by opponents Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. It wasn’t long before unintelligible yelling was trending across social media.

unintelligible yelling
unintelligible yelling

Feeling left out, neurosurgeon candidate Ben Carson chimed in after the yelling died down:

“Can someone attack me, please.”

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