Walmart Apologizes For ‘Back To School’ Gun Display

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August 10th, 2017 – If you’ve rounded up the 2 inch notebooks, pens, scissors and (for reasons still unclear) four glue sticks requested by your child’s teacher, Walmart has another item for you to consider purchasing. For a brief period of time, the retail giant was promoting guns as that final back-to-school shopping item.

“OWN THE SCHOOL YEAR LIKE A HERO” a sign reads atop a case full of firearms.

Writer Jordan Uhl was an early voice bringing the marketing juxtaposition to light. He tweeted a photo of the store set-up with a simple message: “Holy shit, WalMart.”

As the image began to gain traction, Walmart went on defense responding to hundreds of strong reactions online. They repeated a handful of apologies stressing that it was a “totally unacceptable error” and that they are “checking into how this could have happened.”

Originally, Walmart had pinned down a store in Evansville, Indiana, but later announced that managers there could not identify that sign at their location. Speaking with CNN Money, spokesperson Charles Crowson said the company is “not happy” and “working diligently” to determine which location posted the sign and guarantee that it won’t be found mixing with the gun display again.

With an ongoing heightened sensitivity to mass school shootings and a likely never-ending debate over gun control, the Walmart scandal opened up even more conversations.

People began to push back on the question of whether or not Walmart should even be selling guns and how this will affect those who have experienced tragedies at school. While others argued that the outrage was overblown and that maybe it was a liberal who placed the sign and took the picture in order to fan the flames.

Did the use of that sign over the gun display cross a line? How do you think Walmart is handling the situation? Give us your thoughts below…

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