20 Tweets To Help You Laugh Your Way Through Valentine’s Day

20 Tweets To Help You Laugh Your Way Through Valentine's Day
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“If anybody wants to get me a Valentine’s Day present, I wear a size large in rent”

February 13th, 2018 – Ah, Valentine’s Day. If you have a significant other, you can hope to receive a bouquet of donuts, because that’s now a thing. If you happen to be single, you can watch I Hate Valentine’s Day even if it does have a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself or your better half on the amorous day, but we can think of no better way than to head over to Twitter. Look, maybe we’re not that romantic.

Thoughts about Valentine’s Day aren’t always so black and white. Maybe you’re single, but you love getting together with friends to eat all the candy hearts. Maybe you’re in a relationship, but you and your partner both think the holiday is a corporation-fueled racket. The musings of Twitter users explore all of those feelings, and do it with a lot of humor.

So sit back, and stare longingly at your screen. We’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day tweets for your consideration. Plus, if you were let down by the writers over at e-cards, maybe you can e-mail one of these tweets to someone tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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