Ann Coulter: “Without Fat Girls, There Would Be No Protests”

Ann Coulter: "Without Fat Girls, There Would Be No Protests"
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Baby Got Back…lash

November 14th, 2016 – Ann Coulter stayed on brand last week when it was her turn to comment on the anti-Trump protests. The unabashedly conservative author took to Twitter to share photos of the participating protesters and to give her takeaway from the action: “Without fat girls, there would be no protests.”

Following the election results, protests spread throughout city streets and college campuses as people chanted “Not My President” and held signs rejecting the normalization of the hateful rhetoric and discriminating policies used during Trump’s campaign. In cities like Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale, demonstrators have kept their opposition going for five days since Trump won enough electoral votes to beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Coulter has been a voice for Trump since his announcement to run and has been a voice against minority groups (besides African Americans) piggy-backing on slavery to protests and speak out in favor of political correctness (watch our on interview with Ann Coulter on these same topics here). So when Americans began their anti-Trump protests, Coulter responded and called out one particular thing: weight. She came to the conclusions that without fat girls, there would be no protests and that waving a sign around wasn’t enough exercise to lose the extra poundage.

And while some people chimed in with jokes that followed the same style (“She’s blocking half the sign #FatLivesMatter), many more flooded her with replies of disbelief and shame.

And one person decided to call on our future FLOTUS, who has said she will use her platform to combat cyber bullying.

The Equality Coalition, an organizer of protests in Philadelphia, are planning to protest everyday until President-elect Trump’s inauguration in January. With that in mind, there will most likely be plenty more responses from Coulter, as well as discussion on whether or not her approach is appropriate.

Let’s start with her response that “Without fat girls, there would be no protests.” Was Ann Coulter being FUNNY or OFFENSIVE with her commentary? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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