Ann Coulter Makes News with Views on Jews

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Ann Coulter Makes News with Views on Jews

September 18th – Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is never one to shy away from controversial statements and she stayed true to form while live-tweeting the GOP debate this week. The biggest reaction came in response to the following:

And followed with:

Many took the comments as anti-Semitic and lashed out against Coulter including actor Seth Rogen:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Coulter claimed she was slamming the GOP pandering, not the Jewish people:

“Anyone with a pulse knows I am pro-Israel and against the enemies of the Jewish people. I have a whole chapter in my current book praising Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s the people attacking me who couldn’t care less about Israel or Jews. The hypocrites who are mad at me are the ones who support anti-Israel college professors, who refuse to condemn Islamic barbarism, who supported the overthrow of Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood, who spread the deadly libel that Jews in America are only successful because of ‘white privilege.’ “

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4 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Makes News with Views on Jews

  1. Coulter is so used to saying whatever she wants to say – and getting away with it – that she no longer considers the import of her words. Her Effing Jews tweet was direct from her heart.

    See “Jews: Quality, not Quantity” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-al.

  2. Ugh, is that about calls on attacks in the US? Yeah its because of the Jews. This is such an ugly subject with few innocent actors, other than the people on the ground who are terrified of their lives. Want funny? watch “The Wanted 18” about some cows that where a threat to Israeli national security.

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