Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

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June 13th, 2017 – During the month of June, people can show their pride in the LGBT community by waving rainbow flags in the streets, and now they can also show their trolling skills by using Facebook’s pride reaction emoji.

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes politicians who oppose marriage equality. When politicians known for their anti-LGBT positions posted about any topic on Facebook, some people have “reacted” by pressing the rainbow flag icon leaving lots of gay pride on their page.

One politician in particular has received the most colorful pushback. Alabama’s former Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore’s campaign page has seen a flood of rainbow reactions with an increase over the weekend due to many pride festivals across the country.

Moore went against a federal district judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples back in early 2016 – a decision that led to his suspension from the Alabama Supreme Court. He’s also quoted as saying “that the state should use the ‘power of the sword’ to keep children from being corrupted by the LGBT community’s influence.”

Moore is now running for US Senate and his posts on topics ranging from recreational angling to Obamacare repeal have fallen victim to a fabulous takeover. The judge even began sharing news stories which covered the flood of pride reactions and, as you could imagine, those were met with the same reactions. People’s comments showing support of Moore and the replies of the hopeful candidate tasted the rainbow, too.

Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

The rainbow trolling doesn’t seem to be exclusive to U.S. politics. Australian conservatives senator Cory Bernardi has had the same social media experience during the month of June as a vocal opponent of marriage equality. His profile picture has currently been given the pride treatment over 7,000 times.

Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

The joke seems to have wings past politicians but aiming the pride flag at oppositional views may be something that hangs around for a while. Or at least as long as Facebook has the option.

Do you think using the pride reaction on Facebook as a way to troll politicians with anti-gay positions is FUNNY or OFFENSIVE? Vote and comment below.

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333 thoughts on “Anti-LGBT Politicians Trolled By Facebook Pride Button

  1. Lgtb is a joke and their life’s aren’t figured out because they won’t have children so there is no lineage of honor to follow them! Honestly if you wanna define yourself as being fucked up leave me and the government alone!

    1. What world are you living in? They’re not sterile or barren just because they happen to be gay..So yes they do have offspring and their lineage with go on..

    1. Name one law that oppresses gay people. Name one suggestion, one instance of systematic oppression towards gay people. There are none. Gays have the same rights as everyone else in America. What does your comment have to do with mine anyway? The LGBT community is placing themselves into a different category, different class of citizen. Which do they want to be? The further they go, the further they segregate themselves from the average citizen. Their behavior is becoming rather obnoxious to the rest of the country. Enough is enough.. Nobody literally celebrates being straight and only the LGBT community irrationally feels like society does when all it is is just people being normal human beings. We play a dangerous game when demanding a certain preference should have it’s own set of rules to follow and it’s utterly foolish to label straight people as pushing their culture in your faces like mud.

    2. Hi, dick! ??
      Did you hear about the kid who was beaten and raped simply because he was gay? That was in the news just today. I guess you missed it. He died.
      Ever get beaten to near death because you’re straight? That’s the difference and you’re a wilfully blind asshole.

    3. I didn’t claim individual people aren’t capable of hatred. I pointed out that the USA has zero laws or mandates that systematically oppress gay people. Also, there is no law imaginable that will ever change how a person feels about it.

    1. If Ignorance was a mental illness you both should be locked away..What are you both so insecure about your own sexuality? Usually the onces to protect the most have something to hide..Come on it’s 2017 no one will shun you if you finally come out of the closet so to speak..

    2. The bible and religion are both man made works of fiction, Evan Saltis… So your petty attempt at riding on your high horse isnt valid

    1. I did too. Someone said you have to go “like” the fb page and it magically appears as an option. Haven’t tried it, not a big enough deal to try it, for me at least. I’m just happy to have a “haha” reaction.

    1. Never said God didn’t love you. He loves everyone and gives them a chance to make everything right. Being gay is not ok. Not because I’m a bigot or a homophobic. I have gay friends. Doesn’t mean I agree with it. I will still pray for you. I would love if someone said they would pray for me (in the right manner) I could use all the prayers I can get. No sense in getting all tore out of frame if you’re so comfortable in your skin…

    2. Do you even know the history of your bible? Who wrote their parts and when? It’s ridiculous to accept that book as an objective piece! And I love how you ignore all the other declared “sins”.

    3. Shannon Garcia don’t underestimate my knowledge of the Bible because I know it backwards and sideways. People do pick apart the Bible I agree with that. Never have I “ignored” anything out of the Bible.

    4. He who is without sin can cast the first stone..I’m sure you live by the Bible to a tee Amanda Johns NOT You’re not God so you have no right to judge anyone.. Quoting from a book doesn’t make it right..If it was wrong why would God make them that way??

    5. Everyone sins. God didn’t make anyone the way they are. There is also the devil that is working overtime. I try to live the best I can.

    6. Oh now you’re saying the devil made homosexuals? You sound ridiculous..I bet you’re another one of those morons who feel being gay is a “choice” ..And sorry to burst your bubble but gay/lesbians are God’s children just like you..Sooo yes he did make them..

    7. Oh my favorite, hope no female is ever raped in your family because she will be forced to marry her rapist after he pays 50 shekels of silver to her father Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    8. I’m wearing a nice dress not that is any of your business and I have zero man-made holes in my body. But thanks for looking

    9. And so many more….. But you already knew these ;). Nice book. I doubt you know much about the history of your bible or its content.

    10. Are you stupid or didn’t read what I posted about me being very knowledgeable of the Bible. I believe in the book as a whole, not just to pick and choose which verse you can take out of context.

    11. Yikes you’re worried about the gays but you’re definitely going to burn for this one. I have big boobs too. They aren’t hard to cover if you want to. Remember ….you know these laws. But you’re breaking them anyway 😉

    12. Oh boy. Timothy 2:9 definitely broken here. Not modest at all. You’re lucky tacky isn’t considered a sin. And you say you believe in the bible as a whole? Then you’re ok with rape victims being forced to marry their rapists? Deuteronomy 22:28-29.. You’re a serious idiot.

    1. Not my thing but you have to. 1)Log into Facebook 2)Like the LGBTQ@Facebook page 3)You should now be able to react, whenever you want, with the rainbow flag!

  2. Very funny that they think it bothers others who do not share their beliefs! It is their souls and their eternity. No one cares they can flood those little emojis all they want to but do not think that we who believe differently don’t have our rights too!

  3. Every time I see a post by Joshua Feuerstein I react with the pride button because he just the other day was bitching about McDonald’s putting a rainbow on their fry boxes. So why not spam his page with pride reacts?

  4. Why is it WE cant fly OUR flag but “the gays” can flaunt EVERYTHING about being gay without us having a say? Noone cares what you do! Im straight as an arrow but I sure as in hell dont go around pushing it on people! What dumbasses…heres your trophy!

  5. Neither, mainly annoying, and today’s day and age is full of so much double standards it’s actually fucking retarded. People need to grow the fuck up and quit being offended over every little fucking thing

    1. Oh, did your parents disown you because of your curly hair? Did they send you to a conversion camp to electrocute the curls out of you? Do people regularly harass and occasionally physically assault you because they can’t stand your curly hair? Has anyone ever denied you a marriage certificate or the ability to adopt children because of your curly hair? Oh wait, you must mean that suicide rates are extremely high amongst women with curly hair. If none of those apply to you, then you don’t need a pride month or an emoji. Now stfu.

    2. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.Being gay isn’t an accomplishment; like being white or black isn’t an accomplishment.No one needs a pride emoji for something they they were born with. Now,STFU

  6. Earth 2017

    The Christian and Muslim belief systems condemn homosexuality (it’s in a book).
    This is bad, you must respect same sex relationships..

    But if you ridicule said homophobic belief system, you’re a bigot, as you must respect their values and beliefs..

    So, how does no sound.

  7. Look I don’t give two shits who fucks who so here is a idea keep it behind doors simple as that…but now some folks want to force everyone to see who they have sex with….I don’t care if your gay or straight …..so tired of it….

  8. Lesbian
    I have no problem with

    However transgender on the other hand is where I draw the line
    Sexual orientation is not really something you can change which I can understand but when you go and get surgery to look more like a girl/guy shows that you don’t care about your future partner
    What if you go MtF and your future partner kills himself because he has been fucking a dude without even knowing it

  9. I’m so sorry us white, straight, and middle class don’t have a fucking flag to fly. Get over yourselves and accept that even in this day in time people can’t be accepted for loving someone else.

  10. Ya’ll are hypocrites…You say nasty things against those that say they want equality for what they believe in yet you claim you want the same thing for what you believe…What makes you right and them wrong???
    Flying flags, Painting cross walks, have huge flamboyant parades, changing rules on bathrooms…where does it end???? I have friends & family that are gay and they themselves feel that all this nonsense is ridiculous and embarrassing.
    Live your life, be happy with whomever you choose but don’t make a huge spectacle while doing it.

  11. I wish they would remove the crazy thing they can show their gay flag on facebook but if we put a post or put a confederate flag its racist and offensive but to some people like myself the gay flag is offensive so if they can have their flag y can’t i have mine?

    1. Nah explain to me how one offence is any grater them the other if your offended by a confederate flag so we can’t put it up but we r offended by the gay flag but u can put it any where now they have a reaction for on fb its stupid they both offend people so y is it ok to choose one over the other?

    2. Ya’ll are hypocrites…You say nasty things against those that say they want equality for what they believe in yet you claim you want the same thing for what you believe…What makes you right and them wrong???
      Flying flags, Painting cross walks, have huge flamboyant parades, changing rules on bathrooms…where does it end???? I have friends & family that are gay and they themselves feel that all this nonsense is ridiculous and embarrassing.
      Live your life, be happy with whomever you choose but don’t make a huge spectacle while doing it.

    3. My whole argument is that they can display a gay flag which offends a lot of people but its fine lets put it on fb but then when some says something about the rebel flag they say oh that offends me take it down or they statue of a war hero offends me cause he fought for the wrong side or even the 10 commandments which was in every court house in the USA but because it offends people we have to take it down but God forbid some try to take down a gay flag or something else to do with lgbt rights it sad

    4. Confederate flag created by a racist fighting against giving slaves the rights they deserved because they are fucking humans! The rainbow flag is represent a group that is underrepresented. If you think these two can be compared, you’re as bad off as the gop

    5. The rainbow flag offends no one other than homophobic assholes. The confederate flag offends an entire race, and many other races with people who are total fucking assholes.

    6. When did being a racist stop being a personal choice? Bc your personal choice to be a racist homophobe prick, is far different than someone born loving the same sex. Go read something, not on facebook

    7. Tell me the difference and ill say I’m wrong u say the rebel flag show hate but u don’t even see the gays do the same thing that u say the rebels did they spread hate if someone tries to tell them the truth they get angry and cuss u out just like u did me so what’s the difference

    8. See u can have free speech when its for something that u believe it but if its something u disagree with then its wrong how in the name of God does that make sence

    9. you are pretty ignorant jacob,and by the way this post wasn’t about the confederate flag but trolls look for places to show just how ignorant people can be,success you’ve proven yourself here smf

    10. I never had to choose to b straight Leah Paquette it is the normal way to b God made everybody to b that way u go a diffrent way u choose to go that way its like this lets say your trying to go to New York but there was only one way to get there but u decide well I don’t like that way ill think ill go this way but its the opposite of the right way to go and if u go that way u won’t end up at New York. Same with this aspect there is one way to live that is set out for u to live and that’s a man and a woman to b together but u say well I don’t like woman I like men that is going the wrong way and u won’t end up in happiness u will end up in misery

    11. stfu you moronic imbecile there is a huge difference between spreading love and hatred, the rebel flag and the rainbow flag represent totally different things how are you this fuckin stupid god damn rascist cunt go spread your bullshit elsewhere

    12. No its no difference first off tell me what is hate full about a flag and second of all what does u cussing me out have anything to do with spreading love?

    13. And if u don’t see the difference lets use the 10 commandments but seeing u cussed me out u probley don’t want to hear that either so lets use monuments given to war hero’s that were taken down cause the war hero was fighting for the wrong side what is the difference they both offend people so y is one celebrated and the other hated that’s my one question no one has been able to answer no one out of all these comments no one has given me a direct answer to the question how is one offensive thing celebrated and the other hated?

    14. didnt even bother reading your bullshit ass comment as your trying to convey the ten commandments while supporting a bigoted racist idea.. yep apparently you can get stupider

    15. Jacob Miller go an get a life you backward fuck . What we choose to be this way. You thick fuck. Go crawl back under the rock you crawled out off. Redneck

    16. The funny thing is,not one person answered his question.Read a lot of comments from people espousing their opinions,but Newsflash: just because you find it offensive,doesn’t make you “right”.Personally, I couldn’t care less which flag you fly,but I’m offended when anyone has the nerve to tell people how they should think.

    17. My whole y’all call me disrespectful but here y’all r cussing me out i never once said I hated anyone I just asked a simple question that no body will answer y is it ok to display one offensive thing but not the other just plz someone tell me they both offend people sure one offends a lesser number of people cause we live in a mixed up world but people still find it offensive and u can say well them people don’t matter they just want to hate people but don’t even realize u r hating people by cussing them put for stating their belief so I’m pretty sure that makes y’all racist cause your hating on a person cussing him out just cause he asked a simple question and stated his belief

    18. Yall dont want me to say my thoughts on yall cussing this man of god out when you are cussing him out you are cussing GOD out may god have mercy on yalls soul, y’all are ignorant and have lack of knowledge period..

  12. Meh. I’m just glad I don’t have that stupid emoji button thingy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against any of ppls choices, I just hate having to get new things updated that don’t need it, but ones we do need, like the middle finger or the pukie face isn’t available on the reaction button.

  13. Is being gay an emotion or action. I know feeling gay means you’re happy but that’s not what this flag represents .its for gay pride. I want a straight pride emoji and white pride emoji and a southern pride emoji. Oh wait that’ll never happen.

    1. For good reason. None of those actions have been earned. “Gay pride” as u put it was earned . Besides it’s still being discriminated against. 50 years from now people will be taught about the marches etc just in the way we are taught about civil rights.

    1. Let’s not stop at confederate flag, how about a Nazi flag too? Shit why not a little klansman pop up with his arm in the air. People associate the confederate flag with death, slavery, and racism. I don’t recall a gaggle of gay men running after a straight boy with torches & pitchforks…the fuck outta here

    2. You know if folk had a Christian pride March, or a straight pride March there’d be a shit storm, people have the right to disagree with your life. And you have the right to be offended. But it ends right there. I say we stop narcing at each other and wasting time and pay attention to the fact were being fucked over by a super rich elite class who slaughter innocents with war to make money, who send you of to work ever week of every year to a job you hate while hiding what you truly could be from you

    3. Carol Sanborn Damn how many chins you have? Nice stereotyping! But you’d rather eat lots and act smart than research. Not indoctrination, research. You get the fuck outta here Jabba!

    4. Alexandra Marie Bagnara You can’t fly a gay flag and say you’re making a point! Unless the point is you’d rather worry about your feelings and the nonexistent persecution of gays, than actual assaults on non-racist Americans who carry the Confederate flag. You are a hippo-crite! Can’t figure if you’re a man or a woman. So, shim research what the actual war was fought over to begin with. Not slavery- Morril Tax Act. Quit using your hands to eat and turn a page in a book and learn something other than what someone told you.

    5. While people are being distracted, don’t forget that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The A-Team.

    6. People say they want a straight pride parade and a christian pride March but the fact is there doesn’t need to be one. Nobody has ever said you can’t get married because you’re straight. Nobody has ever talked down to you because you’re christian. If somebody were to oppress straight white agnostic males then maybe I’d be upset or offended and march.

    7. Elias Lovell Imagine the hatred allowed against people who respect Confederate Heritage was allowed against a bunch of fudge packers or cunt lickers. Your ilk would go haywire.

    8. Ben Whoyawit Woodley it doesn’t represent American history. It represents the fact that h don’t want to be part of “America” it’s the equivalent of wanting to secede

    9. James Carroll ok so u know how there are these things called hate crimes and most of the time they are physical assaults?
      Yeah that’s not me worrying about feelings ( obviously I don’t care about yours) it is me not wanting to be assaulted because of who I or anybody else likes. How’s that?

    10. Paula Aschenbrenner Holy shit! Is that your face or is your profile a sack of lard with eyes and a mouth drawn on it. And thank God you would never fuck me, that’s a relief I don’t practice beastiality! Be gone cunt!

    11. Alexandra Marie Bagnara name one recent gay hate crime besides by a Muslim terrorist, I’ll wait. And recent attacks on people and private property are rampant now. But since it’s not a bunch of gay people or POC no one should care. Yeah sounds about right. All gays are persecuted for being gay and are great people. But people who support Southern Heritage are all racists, bigot, homophobes. Make since, so all black are uneducated, all Latinos are illegal, all Asians are good at math. But those types of stereotyping are wrong but other types are alright. So am I supposed to blame Hindus for the swatztika being stolen by the Nazis? Why blame others for hate groups stealing their symbols? But you’ll come back with- slavery. Morril Tax Act. Look it up. Just because you’re gay or a POC doesn’t make you special, smarter or give you a moral high ground.

    12. Paula Aschenbrenner Not only fugly, your reading comprehension is horrid also gutterslut. Never said a thing about my appearance. But I did mention how you looked like a huge sack of lard. Try again shitstick!

    13. I gotta agree with the OP,here.The Confederate flag means different things to different people.To some,its symbol of racism,but to others it’s part of their heritage. My point is,this is about perceptions; and no one’s perceptions are more “correct” than anyone else’s

    14. Joseph Sistanich not really, both represented devaluing life of different ethnicities.
      Fuck you guys got a lot of stupid, I mean REALLY stupid people in the states!
      Like everytime some of you guys open your mouths all that comes out is drool and dumb fucking nonsense lol

      Dont stop tho, please… its entertaining ??

    15. Probs cause the rest of the thinking world recognizes it for what it is; a battleflag for losers to declare their inferiority and below average intelligence. Idk, just a guess.

    16. Why do people even have southern pride? The south is trash, along with most of the people in it. If you think I’m wrong, you’re delusional. “It’s a flag that represents the southern states” Okay and why do you need a flag representing the southern states when the southern states are a part of the UNITED states of AMERICA. You already have a flag. Lucky for you, ours is a winning one.

  14. Why TF is the “Live and let live” concept so FUCKING hard? Don’t like gay marriage? DON’T GET ONE…Don’t feel love looking at another man’s hairy ass? Then don’t. Stop judging others just because they sin differently than you. Be an ally…

    1. If it’s Live and Let Live, why is this story talking about how politicians are being trolled by the pride button? Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

    2. Rob Tucker the point is that they are bothered by something so trivial and not to mention something that doesn’t actually effect them. Thus being funny to others. Hence “trolling”

    3. I thought the rainbow reaction meant “this post/comment is gay”
      I mean… doesnt it?
      I think fb just trolled the gay community on a whole new level ?

    1. If you need back up Ashley Ingrid and Matt Berry, just give me a shout. I’ll be e happy to join in and troll the bigots

    1. Brea Turner. I wouldn’t be gay if I were paid. And if that was an attack on me personally, brava. You’ve succeeded in being idiotic.

    2. Your right. It’s been proven that it’s the result of condensed populations. That’s why bats have the highest rate of homosexuality. It’s nature’s way of insuring there are not too many of one species in one place. So if you want us to stop spreading. I suppose you homophobes should stop spreading your woman’s legs.

    3. And we’re not homophobic child. A phobia is a fear of something. You know this if you were actually educated in something other than being a Facebook gangster.

    1. Many species eat their own kind as well. Guess cannibalism is normal too. I think it is best not to look at the animals to justify actions.

    2. My dog shagged his brother, just the tip but it counts, he also isn’t to fussed on the species of what he pokes with his lipstick, or age, he doesn’t care about that either. I’m not anti gay but the whole animals do it is a rubbish argument, it certainly wouldn’t stand up as a defence in court for garry glitter

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