Avenger? I Hardly Know Her!

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April 23, 2015 – During a run-of-the-mill interview with U.K. website Digital Spy, actors Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans had a laugh at the expense of their fictional sidekick, Black Widow, who’s played by Scarlett Johansson. The actors, who star in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron as Hawkeye and Captain America, downplayed the hopes of the reporter who was expecting a romance between one of their characters and the frisky heroine.

Renner sarcastically responded with, “She’s a slut.” Evans added, “I was going to do something along those lines … She’s a complete whore.”  Renner then reversed course and seemed to downplay her sexual potential by laughing “she has a prosthetic leg anyway.”  The internet did not take kindly to this superhero slut-shaming and was up-in-arms over the leg comment.


Both actors have released statements:

From Renner: ”I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone. It was not meant to be serious in any way. Just poking fun during an exhausting and tedious press tour.”

From Evans: “Yesterday we were asked about the rumors that Black Widow wanted to be in a relationship with both Hawkeye and Captain America. We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologize.”

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7 thoughts on “Avenger? I Hardly Know Her!

  1. It’s tasteless and sexist but come on. At the same time, there are too many young women getting raped in college and women still get paid less than men for the same job and women are still discriminated against so the correct response is to publicly chastise these guys for their thoughtlessness.

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