#BeatFresh Trending After Prison Attack on Jared from Subway

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#BeatFresh Trending After Prison Attack on Jared from Subway

March 18, 2016 – Former Subway pitchman, Jared Fogle, currently appealing his 15-year sentence for possession of child pornography and soliciting sex with minors, got off at the wrong stop outside his Littleton, Colorado minimum-security prison. A fellow inmate who objected to being around pedophiles reportedly tried to redeem his Subway punch card the old-fashioned way. The inmate, Steve Nigg, 60, demonstrated his displeasure by bludgeoning the one-time weight loss expert until he was bruised and bloody.  The Internet wasted no time having fun at Fogle’s expense with the hashtag “#beatfresh” making the rounds.

#beatfreshPrison is a bad place to be. No more so than for inmates guilty of crimes against children. While some might argue that even the most reviled inmate deserves some measure of safety, relatives of Fogle’s attacker reportedly said he wanted to “send a message” that the disgraced TV personality’s life was his to take. A career criminal serving his own 15-year sentence for firearms violations, Nigg was reportedly moved to solitary confinement as punishment for the attack.

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    1. Nothing like a good azzwhuppin for anyone or anything that harms a CHILD !

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