Bill Nye Ain’t No Science Guy, Say Twitchy Conservatives

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May 28, 2015 – It’s raining in Texas, but Bill Nye is in the midst of a twit-storm. His May 26th tweet about climate change and Texas threw him in Conservative murky waters.

According to Rawstory, there were some fightin’ tweets sent Nye’s way about Texas, like, “‘Hey, dipshit non-science guy, give your climate scam a rest while they’re still searching for bodies,’ Twitter user JammieWF demanded, adding, ‘F*cking asshole.'”

Meanwhile conservative website Twitchy called Nye “Bill Not the Climate Scientist Guy” and deemed his observations “so predictable.”

Twitchy also took Nye to task for a tweet on May 24.

Said Twitchy, “Now he’s Bill Nye the Constitutional Scholar Guy? What a clown.”

And there was this.

At least Nye has comedian Amy Schumer on his side. Here’s his May 26th guest star on Inside Amy Schumer.

So, is Bill Nye a “f*cking asshole”(as in, offensive) or awesome (and funny)? Vote now!

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