White People Problems – Bomani Jones Blasted for “Caucasians” Jersey

Bomani Jones
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White People Problems – Bomani Jones Blasted for “Caucasians” Jersey    

April 11, 2016 – ESPN personality Bomani Jones engaged in some master-level trolling during a recent appearance on The Mike & Mike morning program. The popular commentator donned a satirical t-shirt based on the current logo of the Cleveland Indians baseball team. A grinning blonde haired white man replaced the “traditional” grinning “Chief Wahoo” caricature, which Native American groups have loudly decried as racist. The feather normally adorning the “Chief Wahoo” mascot’s headdress is replaced on the satirical logo by a dollar sign floating over the man’s head as part of the logo for a fictional “Caucasians” sports team.

Some criticizing Jones as “race-baiting” and still others applauding his wit.

Jones’ move was a pointed barb at the blind spot some professional and collegiate American sports teams are accused of having with regard to Native American history e.g. Atlanta Braves and Florida State Seminoles. For example, while many high school and college teams have changed their Native American-related mascots in response to public protests, the NFL’s Washington Redskins have also resisted repeated calls to abandoned their Native American-“themed” team name and logo (and roundly mocked for their trouble). Social media provided a predictable range of responses with some criticizing Jones as “race-baiting” and still others applauding his wit.

Sources say Jones’ ESPN bosses back in Bridgeport were less than enthused about the shirt appearing on their airwaves. They reportedly asked the host to cover up the logo mid-broadcast, which Jones did – kind of – by partially zipping up the hoodie he was wearing to complete his outfit. When asked for comment, an ESPN spokesperson said:

As the show progressed, we felt Bomani had made his point and had openly discussed why he was wearing the shirt, and we wanted to keep the focus to the topics of the day.

The veteran reporter addressed the controversy directly a week into the new 2016 MLB season, stating, “Using the Chief Wahoo mascot is “based on stereotypes of the past,” adding, “there’s no defense for doing that.” Despite outcry from Cleveland baseball fans Jones went even further calling out the organization for continuing to embrace the crude and painful imagery for the sake of profit.

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