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The end of everything should be amusing. That’s the way we look at it so we want to see your funny death pictures. Funny or Offensive is really about the things that matter in life the most like happiness, being with family and interesting death memes. Send them in. Even if you’re not sure which side of the fence what you think offensive death images might land on. We want to expose political correctness for the sham we feel it is and we can’t think of a better way than allowing you to vote on other people’s submissions. Remember, we’re interested in stoking the debate about what people find funny or offensive and we’ve provided a forum for you to get involved. Death humor isn’t for everyone. Still, we’re pretty sure there are enough of you out there who think the end should be light-hearted, so why not submit something today? You can take you pick about way you submit material. Choose from anything and everything including funny death quotes to funny death videos and don’t forget those funny death pics you’ve kept aside for this kind of occasion. Laugh. Cringe. Think. Those are the three reactions we’re looking for here at Funny Or Offensive. Everyone has an opinion on everything and we want to know what yours is on death. What could possibly be more light-hearted and fun? If you’re looking for the chance to offend in public on a large scale, you’ve come to the right website. We think that you’ll agree the gray areas in any debate are the most interesting and that’s why we’ve made Funny or Offensive your website. We’ll stay back and let everyone have their say and we promise not to get involved, even when it looks like there’s going to be a fight to the to speak.

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