David Bowie: And He Was Funny Too…

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David Bowie: And He Was Funny Too…

January 11, 2016 – Much will be written and discussed today and beyond in regards to the life and art of the late David Bowie. The music, the fashion, the androgyny, but not to be forgotten, David Bowie had a sense of humor. Just after wrapping his hosting of the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais tweeted about the passing of the icon:

The two worked together in 2006 on the BBC comedy, Extras, where Gervais played the character of background actor “Andy Millman,” who had risen to become a mediocre sitcom star. Millman tries to confide in David Bowie, playing himself, about the struggles of fame. Bowie’s response is a spontaneous and deprecating tune about Gervais’ Millman entitled, “Little Fat Man.”

Watch David Bowie’s hysterical deadpan response to Gervais here courtesy of the BBC:

Of David Bowie, Gervais told The Telegraph:

”He’s a hero, and I feel obliged to admit how important he has been to me. Apart from Mohammed Ali, there hasn’t been anyone else who has come close as an icon.”

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