Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Constantly Vandalized

donald trump's star
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Donald Trump’s Star Constantly Vandalized

April 14, 2106 – GOP presidential frontrunner, reality show personality and human hairnado, Donald Trump, has been receiving a different kind of star treatment in the City of Angels. The curiously coiffed businessman turned politician was awarded a star on the celebrated Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard in 2007. As host of the wildly popular competition show “The Apprentice” Trump’s boorish insults were reserved almost exclusively for nineties sitcom stars and retired pro athletes. After a presidential campaign notable for its wide-ranging and brazen attacks on Muslims, women, Hispanics, Blacks, other Republicans, immigrants, the media and the Pope, Trump now finds himself the target of unfiltered criticism. Specifically, his star, embedded in the sidewalk outside a popular tourist trap steps from the famous former Grauman’s Chinese Theater, has been repeatedly defaced by strangers, visitors and Angelenos alike. Some anti-Trumpers were a more explicit in their statements of disapproval than others:

According to the LA Times,
The star has endured several publicized episodes of vandalism, including a spray-painted swastika and “mute” icon, but officials say they have no plans to remove the star.” 
 Trump may have an answer for his political opponents but it’s the rank and file members of the public that he should probably be focusing his attention on.

Walk of Fame officials have no current plans to remove the star but advised: “The Hollywood Historic Trust, which maintains and repairs the stars, has been known to prosecute those who do major damage and they do have to pay restitution.”

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