Duck, Duck, Noose! – Rubber Ducks Photoshopped into ISIS Pix

Duck, Duck, Noose! – Rubber Ducks Photoshopped into ISIS Pix 

November 29, 2015 – Laughter may be the best medicine, but it also makes a pretty great weapon too. A subversive group of internet pranksters named 4chan have begun an online satire campaign against ISIS, the terrorist organization responsible for a string of horrific events including the recent attacks in Paris . 4chan created an album on Imgur entitled “create the duck state” and has started inserting rubber ducks in place of Jihadi faces.


In their mocking the ISIS battle cry of “Allah Akbar”, 4chan changed it to “Allah Quackbar.”


Well done trolls. Well done.

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  1. Time someone made them look like the idiots and cowards they are. Yellow is their color. Someday they will all have to stand before the creator and will face punishment for what they’ve done.