Evangelical Mom Compares Taylor Swift’s Vagina to Ham Sandwich

Evangelical Mom Compares Taylor Swift's Vagina to Ham Sandwich
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Hold the Mayo

July 19, 2016 – Pop megastar Taylor Swift got the cold cut shoulder from one evangelical mom on Twitter. A self-described “believer in the positivity of the Lord” and beach lover named Jennifer Mayers used her social media account to share her knowledge of celebrity anatomy and extoll the virtues of Christian chastity. Posting herself holding two ham sandwiches, Mayers compared her daughter’s genitals to those of the music starlet suggesting the latter’s resembled the sloppily thrown together wad of sandwich meat in her TwitPic.

The tweet was presumably a slap at Swift’s apparently too quick for her tastes rebound from ex-boyfriend, EDM DJ, Calvin Harris, with Marvel heartthrob, Tom Hiddleston. Social media critics were quick to call out the woman for slut-shaming Swift as well as likely failing her high school sex ed class.

Evangelical Mom Compares Taylor Swift's Vagina to Ham Sandwich
Still other commenters took the proposition to its natural conclusion. Lest she be misconstrued, Myers penned a blog post to clarify her intention. She writes, among other things:


“The left sandwich is far more ragged and worn looking and rather unattractive to the eye. I see this as Taylor’s symbolic promiscuity. The right is much more neat, clean and pure. This represents my daughters’ innocence and purity because they were raised correctly.”

Mayers further writings speculated whether Swift were a “Prostitute” and conveyed Fourth of July wishes to “(White) America [sic]” among other unabridged opinions on subjects like the little boy eaten by an alligator at Disneyland and just flat out calling black people “apes.” It was at that point that writers Fusion and at the feminist blog, Jezebel, attempted to identify Mayers and concluded that if Jennifer Mayers is a real person her online persona is likely a façade designed to generate media attention to its own end. That hasn’t stopped outlets like Huffington Post from generating clicks with a few indignant pushback pieces. Regardless, Mayers is hocking an e-book from the Twitter account associated with the Swift post.

Is this a genuinely funny send up of media pearl clutching over online trolls or is it another example of the anti-PC crowd run amok? Funny? Offensive? Tell us what you think below.

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