Freshman Daughter Drop Off

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Freshman Daughter Drop Off

August 24, 2015 – It’s that time of year again when parents help their kids move out of the nest and into the world of higher education. Unfortunately for some parents of Old Dominion University students, especially those with daughters, the collegiate welcome wagon was a little too welcoming. An off-campus house at Norfolk’s ODU was adorned with bedsheets banners strewn from windows with phrases including “Freshman Daughter Drop Off.”

Other banners added:





ODU was quick to condemn the messaging from the house inhabited by four members of the Sigma Nu fraternity which is also investigating the incident.

From Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick:

“While we constantly educate students, faculty and staff about sexual assault and sexual harassment, this incident confirms our collective efforts are still failing to register with some. A young lady I talked to earlier today courageously described the true meaning of the hurt this caused. She thought seriously about going back home.”

Full report here from ABC 13 News:


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6 thoughts on “Freshman Daughter Drop Off

  1. LMAO,of course.What else but funny?In the day and age when some people can find themselves in a world of shit because of the perception of the accuser , why not accept the intentions of the people who put up the signs? If they don’t mean to offend and even if they do want to or don’t care if they do,what was the harm?

  2. This is rape culture pure and simple. I was in a house in college and it was much the same. I knew two girls who were sexually assaulted in fraternity houses. I know these guys are young and think they’re being funny, but they’re assholes. These guys should have their charter suspended.

  3. They’re just being funny….what are the chances of all the freshman girls are going to end up at that frat house? Kmsl….I just read that again….this is like a warning to parents. These guys are like homie if she is trying too hard to fit in she will get turnt out. They are letting you know that everyone in there has too much testosterone. It’s like sausage fest. 😀 If your daughter seems intrigued by the sign it’s an open invite to stereotypical college dorm life. If not it means negative Nancy needs to stay in her own dorm. And shit if moms down with the thotty train they up for whatever. It’s college.

  4. I dont get offended easily….but it would bother me to see this dropping off my daughter. As a parent you are already stressed dealing with letting your daughter go when they go of to school. You hope that you have taught them well and they will make good choices. However, the thought of “outside influences” is always in the back of your mind as you realize it’s time to let them go. As the mother of a daughter off to college in a couple of weeks this would make me want to just keep driving and lock her in the car. Thankfully she’s able to live at home and go to school. My final thought…..it’s 2015 and it’s about time these boys learned some respect for females. Wouldn’t it be interesting to put banners out front in April stating paternity suits pending……assault charges pending…..rape charges pending…….when their parents pick them up???????

    1. Why should they be expelled for saying they want female visitors at their house?

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