Men Shockingly Support Women’s Right to Go Topless

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Go Topless Day

August 25 – Thousands of women paraded topless this past weekend to support “Go Topless Day.” This year marked the 7th installment of the worldwide Go Topless Day celebration which was created to shed light on the inequality between the sexes in regards to baring their…tops. The event has grown larger each year and has sparked the Twitter trend #FreeTheNipple. Not surprisingly, a large number of supporters of the cause are men.

Kelly Busch, who organized a topless parade at Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee said:

“We want to promote equal topless rights for women as well as men.”



There are certainly some men who legitimately support the cause for the reasons stated above, but countless fellows busted into the parades just to enjoy the scenery, ironically undermining any semblance of women’s rights and equality.

Phoenix Feeley, 33, a topless advocate in New Jersey, told a New York crowd comprised mostly of men:

“I hope you are here for the right reasons!” We have to cover up so you don’t attack us? That’s your problem. Not ours.”


While taking photos and video one man said  “I came here to watch tits” while another added:

“This is sweet. I didn’t know this was happening today. Who doesn’t like breasts?

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3 thoughts on “Men Shockingly Support Women’s Right to Go Topless

  1. OUR SOCIETY IS GOING TO HELL(FIGURATIVELY).I have heard from men that went to topless beaches that after 15 mins. they started talking to the women with tpos on and stopped ogling the bare tits.I suppose that will happen in times square too, eventually.

  2. what do these idiots expect? you’re fucking naked in public. of course guys are going to take pix. your parents must be really proud

    1. It’s people like you who are the problem. ” your parents must be really proud ” come on. it’s not being naked, it’s being topless. We have been so censored and taught to cover up as women for so long that it’s idiots like you who consider it being naked and make a big deal of it. Grow Up

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