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We at “Is It Funny or Offensive?” (FOO) are focused on the complex debate about what’s considered “funny” and what’s labeled “offensive,” and until now there hasn’t been a specific destination to host that dialogue. This is that site. When it comes to the funny or offensive debate, extremes range from arguments about freedom of speech to vehement political correctness – with at least 50 shades of gray in between. As with many things, the gray areas are often the most interesting. Few people are indifferent about this topic. We each have our own places we draw the line, but that line tends to move when suddenly we’re the target of a punch line.

FOO is your site. Our contributors might have something to say on one side or the other, but the site does not. We’re not here to police humor – we’re here to discuss it and understand it.

FOO is not an entertainment site, it’s not even a comedy site. FOO is a serious criticism and commentary site about humor. We want you to vote, comment, and share. We want you to identify things that make you wonder about these issues.

All are welcome here, except those who clearly exhibit any form of extreme hate or make threats — we have a particular set of skills and we will banish you from the site.

Laugh. Cringe. Think.

Welcome to Is It Funny or Offensive?

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