Happy Mother’s Day from Hooters!

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May 11, 2015 – Yesterday continued the annual Hooters tradition of offering free food to moms on Mother’s Day. Nothing quite says “I love you mom” like food you didn’t actually pay for delivered by buxom women. Happy Mother’s Day from Hooters!

“Here’s to all those moms who kissed our boo-boos, went out of her way to de-crust our PB&J sandwiches and dropped us off a mile away from the school dance to spare us from being seen with her,” said Andrew Pudduck, vice president of marketing, Hooters. “We’re inviting you to join us in rewarding that one-of-a-kind mama in your life with something equally as awesome as she!”

Won’t she be surprised when you express your life-long gratitude with a plate of free hot wings surrounded by youthful bums in neon orange satin short-shorts! Yes, she’ll likely be surprised to say the least.

Hooters Mother's Day


Callin’ all kiddos in search of the perfect Mother’s Day gift: Hooters invites you to bypass the corny card aisle, skip the bubble bath and let mom escape the ordinary with a free meal at Hooters on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10.

Perhaps there’s some deep circle of life metaphor here for which we’re not giving Hooters credit: the battered wings of chickens representing nourishment, the ample breasts of young women a nod to the breastfeeding and rearing of children. Oh forget it. It’s just marketing. Book now for for Ramadan and Yom Kippur!

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