High School Students Suspended After Jews vs Nazi Beer Pong

High School Students Suspended After Jews vs Nazi Beer Pong
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Suspended vs. Expelled

August 29th, 2017 – It wasn’t Sigma Chi vs. Sigma Nu but Jews vs. Nazis in a beer pong game that gained national attention. And the drinking game didn’t take place on a college campus but at the home of a high school student. Multiple students who attend Lovett School, a private high school in Atlanta that charges $27,720 a year, were suspended or expelled after the beer pong game was brought to the attention of the headmaster.

Rabbi Peter Berg saw the photo of red cups, placed in the shape of swastikas and the Star of David, on Snapchat last week.

“The fact that someone could even conceive of such a game, and then play it and think it’s funny is beyond words,” Berg said.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The school suspended five of the students, expelled the student who hosted the party, and also banned two students from “co-curricular activities” for the first two weeks of school. After the story gained some traction, a spokesperson for the school released a statement saying:

“Character education is at the heart of all we do at Lovett, and we deeply appreciate the individuals and organizations across our community who are helping us to continue to learn and grow from this very troubling incident.”

The school describes itself as being “rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition” and also has “respect for diversity,” and Rabbi Berg approves of the way the school handled the incident. Some online feedback slamming the school, however, has also become part of the story.

The AJC released an opinion piece about the what the author deemed “troubling” responses. A few of those public critiques were:

Seriously? If it didn’t happen at school it’s nobody’s freakin business.

Exactly. People are afraid of everything nowadays. It’s just beer pong.

Tune in next week when a kindergarten class gets expelled for playing Cowboys and Indians! At home.

Sick of schools parenting our children. Snowflake factories.

I think it’s freaking hilarious, They are making laughs out of what the what world is making war about. As far as them drinking, OK, they shouldn’t be, but I’m sure no one else here had a drink before they were 21.

What do you think about the Jews vs. Nazis beer pong game? How should the school have reacted and can this incident help us have a fuller conversation about race and religion?

High School Students Suspended After Jews vs Nazi Beer Pong

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One thought on “High School Students Suspended After Jews vs Nazi Beer Pong

  1. Nazis vs. Jews beer pong. I certainly think it would be funny if the Jews played the Nazis under the table, and personally I feel that this was a melding of two things: High School kids’ reaction to the fear that is going on right now in our country, and desire to get tore up from the floor up.

    Check that, three things, the 3rd being the desire to put on a show, being that they taped it and put it online.

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