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June 4, 2015 – All good things must come to an end and so is the case with #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge. The trend, which was started by a Las Vegas-based ‘adult entertainment’ scout Danny Frost and “glamor model” Gemma Jaxx, encouraged women to post photos with a soda pop held between their bosoms in the name of raising awareness about, and money for, breast cancer. BUSTed. It has since emerged that the trend started out as a joke intended to make fun of similar ‘challenges’ such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, and that no money is being raised for charity. A Cup for effort.

A large number of images have already been posted online showing mainly topless women attempting to cover their nipples while holding a can of coke in their breasts – all apparently in the name of raising money for breast cancer.


Although the hashtag started as a joke and was never officially connected to breast cancer charities, Frost claims that he and Jaxx have since decided to use the publicity to promote awareness of the disease.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, Frost said:

‘OK once again just for all of our nay sayers and hatters. When we started #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge, we did it as a joke… We never thought it would take off like it did. But it did.’ And then people started posting it was for charity and it was for breast cancer awareness. We had never plan on that nor thought of it. But since that’s what people want to do it for, we said why not do something good with this. So we went with it.”

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