“I’m With Stupid” – Daily News Impales Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

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“I’m With Stupid” – Daily News Impales Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

January 20, 2016 – Just days after the New York Daily News carved Ted Cruz, they turned their knives on Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, running their images on today’s cover with the caption “I’m With Stupid.” The former partial-term Alaska Governor and GOP star endorsed Trump this week, surprising many who thought she would support Ted Cruz. The “I’m With Stupid” headline was followed by the tag “…hate minds think alike.”

While the paper certainly has its supporters:

…not everyone was laughing:

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6 thoughts on ““I’m With Stupid” – Daily News Impales Palin’s Endorsement of Trump

  1. If Americans elect Trump, then Trump will be able to stand next to each and every one of them with the same headline. Donald Trump is standing up in front of America, saying whatever he wants. You can damn well bet when he gets backstage, he is laughing at how totally ignorant you all are for believing what he says. And even more stupid for thinking he could actually make any of it happen. Shame on all of you, that support him.

    1. That will never happen. With Trump and Cruz in the lead, the Republicans are just giving the White House away in 2016.

    2. Too true!
      The real question is this; Are these morons (Trump and Cruz) giving the White House to Hillary, or Sanders?
      Of course, Republicans will AGAIN be shocked at the election results. Then they’ll start saying that the only way a Democrat won is because they promised all kinds of free stuff to people. As IF all Democrats are needy and waiting for handouts, which is an oft-repeated myth by Republicans.

      All I want is single payer healthcare. Which I will gladly pay for in taxes to rid myself of dreaded insurance company death panels.

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