Internet Explodes After Macy’s Parade Features Same-Sex Kiss

Internet Explodes After Macy’s Parade Features Same-Sex Kiss
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November 23rd, 2018 – This year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade may have been freezing, but takes on the first same-sex kiss during the event couldn’t have been hotter. Amid balloons, batons, and Santa Claus, leads from the musical “The Prom” performed a number from their new Broadway show that ended with the pair kissing.

“The Prom” tells the story of two high school girls’ fight to be able to attend prom together in their conservative, midwestern town. When the school shuts the whole thing down, a group of eccentric Broadway stars head to Indiana to set things straight (figuratively speaking).

“We’ve got trouble, folks, right here in Indiana and when Broadway’s brassiest hear a student is unceremoniously sidelined from a small-town Indiana prom—and the press is involved—they are ready to kick-ball-change the world,” the Playbill synopsis reads

Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla danced and sang their way down the streets of New York as their characters, Emma and Alyssa, encouraged their community to “build a prom for everyone.” After three minutes and thirty seconds of prom prancing, the girlfriends kissed and became the first ones to do so in the parade’s 92 year history.

But before the next float could make its way in front of the cameras, people took to Twitter to give their reactions. While there was an overwhelming amount of support and praise, there was also plenty of pearl clutching and disapproval.

Joining the outrage was ForAmerica, a group who says its “mission is to reinvigorate the public with the principles of American exceptionalism.” They had a lot to say including the claim that “millions of small children just watched two girls kiss and had their innocence broken.”

But if ratio is still the best indicator for online reaction, they appear to be in the minority. While the post has over 4,000 likes, there are currently 18,000 replies. People continue to drag the post calling out that what probably breaks children’s innocence is the daily threat of gun violence. They’ve also reminded the account that our president may have taught children a damaging thing or two and that most kids accept people as they are.

What did you think about the kiss during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Do you think children’s innocence is somehow still intact?

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