Jeremy Renner Doubles Down on Black Widow Comments

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May 5 – As previously reported last month, Jeremy Renner found himself in a superhero-sized internet shitstorm when referring to Scarlett Johannson’s character Black Widow as “a slut” during a UK interview promoting Avengers Age of Ultron. The volume of negative chatter resulted in Renner releasing a statement apologizing for his comments about the fictional character. But on last night’s episode of Conan, the actor reversed course again. “Mind you, we are talking about a fictional character and fictional behavior, Conan,” Renner said, “but if you slept with four of the six Avengers, no matter how much fun you had, you’d be a slut. Just saying. I’d be a slut. Just saying.”

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19 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner Doubles Down on Black Widow Comments

    1. Wow you love to laugh at things that aren’t very funny. Take a look at the joke about Mexicans elsewhere on the site and go nuts.

    1. For slut shaming? Cool! Yeah let’s applaud the white guy for talking smack about women’s sex lives. Even fictional women. In the d*ck fest that is the movie theater, it’s just great.

    2. He said he’d be a slut, it wasn’t directed at women. You’re an awfully hyperbolic hamsammitch.

    1. Not really hilarious. You may need to adjust your hilarious calibration meter.

    1. I think you may need to watch some Louis CK. That is funny as hell.

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