Morgan Freeman on Homophobia

Morgan Freeman on Homophobia
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June 19, 2017

“I hate the word homophobia.

It’s not a phobia. You are not scared.

You are an asshole.”

-Morgan Freeman

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160 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman on Homophobia

  1. It’s rarely about a “phobia”. It’s about hate, intolerance, and/or just plain not liking the fact that some people are not following another person’s beliefs/lifestyle/religion/etc. Getting freaked out by a spider or a snake is a phobia. “Homophobia” is just a ‘fancy’ word for ‘I’m an intolerant douche bag’.

  2. You’re not an a-hole either. Just decades you don’t agree with someone’s choice doesn’t make you bad. Sorry their choice is none of my business, but cram your choice down my throat like you’re more important because of how you CHOOSE to live, then I will be an a-hole then.

  3. Ok one more time for the cheap seats. You don’t have to like lgbt people. You can say the idea of two men having sex bothers you. What you don’t have the right to do is use your religious beliefs to restrict rights of those of the lgbt community. Everyone, as long as you are a citizen of this country, is guaranteed the same rights everyone else has. If you have a problem with that then get the hell out of my country.

  4. Yeah, I dunno. A lot of hate, when you boil it down and get to the root of it, stems from fear. I get wanting to simplify everything, but I don’t think it does any good to actually make progress.

  5. Can’t believe the amount if people on here who are homophobic because of a story book made up thousands of years ago to control people and make them believe in an invisible man who lives in the sky. Gay people aren’t harming anyone. They have the right to choose who they want to be with. On the other hand religion is causing wars and making people kill each other on a daily basis!!!

  6. Phobia implies fear rational or not the word is not perfect or anything else point is who cares its a pointless exercise of political correctness gone mad stay out of peoples lives full stop unless its ordered by law.

  7. Isn’t a phobia an irrational fear? I’m pretty sure a person could have an irrational fear of anything! But I’d agree that most people that don’t like homosexuals don’t have such a fear – they are just assholes.

  8. I believe everyone has a right to a wrong opinion, you cant claim to walk with god if you holding hands with the devil, being gay is like filling water in your petrol tank just dsnt work there’s a component in the front of the car for filling water .

  9. I know 2 people who had sexual re-assignment surgery and I have a family member who is a queen. I tried to be open minded about it, but after personal experience I have concluded that these people are fucked in the head. Do what you want in the bedroom. I am not better than you, and you are not better than me, but this shit DOES NOT belong in the public eye.

    1. Austin…”you probably…” isnt a retort…infact it just makes you look stupid….no i dont like lesbians either…but there is a huge difference….and that difference is fecal matter….but if by your premise i should just “accept” people because of who they are and not what they do…then you must love adolf hitler…he was an artist….a brilliant speaker and deep thinker he loved animals infact was the first to enact animal cruelty laws…

  10. I have zero problems with anyone that feels they are gay. But, I do want to put this thought out there. If I have arachnophobia, does that mean I’m just an asshole to spiders? Even if I just run in the opposite direction, instead of killing it? Just a thought. ✌

    1. no, theres a difference between actually being scared shitless of somethings, i.e. spiders, i am scared of them. versus people being homophobic. what would they have to be scared of? nothing. so theyre just assholes for judging

    2. A lot of people have been taught that homosexuals are riddled with STDs. Maybe they’re scared of that? There can be plenty of reasons to have a genuine fear. So maybe youre an asshole for judging without thinking of the facts. Dumbass.

  11. I agree that “homophobia” probably doesn’t exist. But I do believe there can be differentiating opinions on the subject matter without necessarily being any hate or asshole behavior involved. I realize this statement is at odds with the left, who only believe in one narrow appropriate course of thought and opinion, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

    1. There is a difference in having opinions and being an asshole. I have opinions and enjoy debating people with who dont agree with me. However hating people because of something that they cannot control is just stupid.

    2. Nah hate don’t help shit. I’m just saying that while I’m sure some people do hate, others have differentiating opinions without hating, and I think many people on the left unfairly lump them together. I think they know this and don’t care, hoping for political gain

  12. True, but phobia doesn’t just mean fear.

    This has always been a weak argument. Phobia also means aversion to. Someone who has photiphobia isn’t afraid of light, light gives them migraines.

    Either way it’s stupid to be homophobic and a bigot.

    But phobia is used correctly. Bigots have an aversion to peoole that are different.

  13. Weird how just having the opinion that the Bible is truth, and the Bible says in multiple places that all sexual immorality is a sin. Sexual immorality includes adultery as well as homosexuality. We have all sinned in some way. Telling people they are living a sinful lifestyle does not mean you are judging that person, it doesn’t mean you fear them, or hate them if a friend told me he was having an affair I would tell him he was living in sin also.

    1. Ah, the Old Testament covenant which applied only to the Jewish people and was never intended to be applied to Gentiles nor to be in effect once the new covenant was put into place upon the crucifixion.

    2. Oh my goodness!! Kevin Miller dropping those truth bombs!! Love it! I was coming into this feed to say, look out. Once you mention the Bible, all of the wackadoodles come out of the woodworks! But it’s plain to see that you have GOT THIS! ?? Good on you man! Have a blessed day sir!

    3. Having the opinion isn’t what measures your humanity. It’s whether one acts or harms others while citing such beliefs that makes a person less human.

    4. Christians can have gay friends. Not being their friend because they’re gay and using scripture as an excuse- that’s homophobia.

  14. That’s like someone saying don’t be afraid of reformed pedophiles , don’t be pedophobic!!! You’re an asshole if you are!!! I bet you won’t trust them alone with your kids though!! I’m not comparing homosexuals to pedophiles but just making a point that women are gonna be on guard with a bunch of men around and straight men are gonna be on guard with a bunch of homosexual men around , it’s not a phobia it’s common sense and good judgement.

    1. The only reason straight men are going to be on guard around a bunch of homosexual men is if they question their own sexuality.. Don’t be so full of yourself they don’t want you..

    2. No I hear exactly what you’re saying..You live in fear of a gang of homosexual rapist running around raping unsuspecting hetrosexual men..Lmao.. Look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word homophobic and there will be your picture..lol..

    3. Apparently you do not know what Sharia law is if you support it lol And regardless of what law you support you must find it impossible dealing with yourself then..

    4. Are someone’s panties getting in a bunch?? Calm down no need to resort to name calling because of your lack of anything intelligent to say..And @ Austin Christopher Seidi you’re right there are some guys that will let a dude suck their dick and still profess to be “straight” because they’re not the ones doing the sucking Lmao.

    5. 4. Why are you so defensive? Is your masculinity fragile or are you a secret pedo feeling threatened and that’s why your so defensive and your flipping the subject onto gays.

  15. Look at it this way, just because you don’t like vanilla ice cream, doesn’t mean I can’t eat vanilla ice cream, and if you call me down and shame me for eating vanilla ice cream, then yes, you are an asshole.

    1. But it’s not wrong to dislike vanilla ice-cream. That’s what allot of folks get confused. When someone dosent like the idea of being gay it dosent always mean they hate the person, and want to keep them from their right. It simply means they don’t like the action

    2. That’s fine. But keep it to your fucking self. I’m not going to publicly shame and criticize people who aren’t the same as me, or openly and actively try to take away their right to live and love who they want.

    3. See the problem with that is it’s a person’s right to disagree and be open about such just as it is a right to be gay. Just because someone dosent agree dosent mean they have to shut up and deal with it.

    4. Paul Chartrand no it isn’t right to attempt to take away someone’s right to be gay just as much as it is to take away someone’s right to not agree openly

    5. I don’t like cowboy hats. Since your profile picture has one I think you shouldn’t be allowed to get married, or adopt, or work in certain states. Infact I think it should be outright illegal to wear one, and if your caught wearing one in public you should be put to death. (Anti gay logic)

    6. Paul Chartrand like I said. It’s not right do take a person’s right away regardless. The American government dosent kill gay people and you seem rather hostile towards a statement that was pretty much neutral, even though it requires looking at both sides of the argument. And I really hope that person in the cowboy hat can’t get married, he’s a singer that’s been dead since 1952……that is called necrophilia

    7. Not in north America maybe. But homosexuals are executed pretty much daily in the middle East, parts of Asia and Africa. Many more outspoken anti gay preachers support the idea that homosexuality​ is deserving of death.

    8. And the cowboy hat thing was just an example of how stupid that logic is. People trying to prevent people from doing something that does no harm to anyone.

    9. But that is not what is happening. I happen to like chocolate ice cream, when I eat it, but these are public ice cream eaters, looming over your shoulder, damn near dripping their ice cream in your hair–I don’t care what you like. You being an asshole about it does not give you the right to stop me from being an asshole back. You go too far, and I will coldcock you for being in my space.

      Put it this way: there’s a petition to get some of the crosswalks down Bourbon St. in rainbows…

      In a broke city, riddled with crime (passed up Chicago), that spent more on taking down statues than a broke city can afford, on a street where the piss and vomit of drunks runs freely on the roads, that require scrubbing street cleaners daily, you want to paint colors that are going to be ruined in a week of this crap, when crosswalks aren’t decorated frivolously in the first place–and yes the list if issues with this are about 1/3rd the way done. Worst one is we have 2-3 black trans. killed on this spree that probably worked on Bourbon, and instead of spending money on finding out who is going after the LGTBs, we are going to waste taxpayer money on the upkeep of something that might trigger this likely singular nutjob further.

    10. Paul Chartrand the preachers have clearly never read the Bible then. Judge not lest ye be judged. And as far as other countries, mainly tribal counties I really don’t see them changing for any reason what so ever sadly. Nobody deserves to die for their life style, unless their pedos or rapists and killers etc

  16. Ironically homophobics use the word ‘fag” for the exact same reason Morgan Freeman used the word “asshole” Both out of ignorance and fear of understanding each other. If Morgan was less ignorant that having fear is a natural human responce which only requires educating that person he wouldn’t have to use a derogatory word out of his own fear of homophobes. double edged sword.

    1. I’d say he understands the bigots just fine. They only want their lifestyle to be on display in public and if anyone chooses to live differently, they need to hide it so bigots can feel better about themselves. Sounds like an asshole to me…

    2. Mike Caldwell that comment wasn’t very concise. Which they are you talking about and what exactly are these they hiding? This is a universally known fact that when a person uses a derogatory label it is out of insecurities.

    1. That sounds so shallow. What makes you think people who live and think differently need your pity? Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them, at what point exactly did society decide that being different is the worst possible fate for anyone? Maybe consider the fact that they’re living life on their own terms and be happy for them, your pity is unnecessary.

    1. And by ‘support’ you mean leave them the hell alone to live their lives. Stop discriminating, stop telling consenting adults what kinds of consentual sex they can have, stop telling other people that they have to live by YOUR religion.

    2. Nah, that’s not how it works. See, Morgan Freeman didn’t make your opinion public, you did. Then you excused it by trying to cite fear as your motivation. He’s simply pointing out the inconsistency in the argument.

      Who’s more in the wrong? You, who violates the privacy of consenting adults to shame them? Or him, who is calling you an asshole for inserting yourself in the sex lives of other people?

      Who do u think you are?

    3. Where I stick my dick is nobodies business but mine and the person I’m sticking it in. The only reason anyone has to be against it is because they’re​ likely repressed homosexuals, who are confused and angry about their feelings, due to years of brainwashing.

    4. What he is stating is that your bigotry isn’t a phobia. You are purposely alienating people because you don’t respect who they are. I purposely will not accept anyone who goes out of their way and murders innocent people because they claim their religion says it’s okay to do so. If that makes me an asshole, I shall wear that title with pride!!!

    5. So many damn assumptions. Someone saying “I don’t agree with this” is not saying, I am going to hang you if you do it. They are saying they don’t agree. Plenty of people don’t agree with Trump being elected but I bet you wouldn’t find those people calling themselves bigots for their opinion.

    6. where they stick their dicks is nobodys business is so true. wtf we have to keep hearing about it? take one in the mouth if it will shut you the fuck up.?

    7. I don’t care if someone’s gay. That’s there choice. However, it doesn’t make someone a bad person for not liking it, or thinking it’s wrong. It’s very much subjective and using incest as an example, it creates a similar feeling of uneasiness in some people. If someone doesn’t like incest, are they a bad person too?

    8. Holly Schumann, re-read it. ” I don’t support” is actually different than “I don’t agree’. And I’ll ask again, what does “don’t support’ even mean? No one is asking for ‘support’, they’re asking for you to NOT do things that hinder them living their lives. So, it is safe to assume that by ‘support’ you mean ‘tolerate’?

    9. I don’t condone murdering anyone you don’t like, but to call EVERYONE who don’t like homosexuality a bigot is not fair nor accurate. It’s a cop out to try to make people feel guilty. Well, I dont. I do not condone homosexual activity. Neither do I condone hate crimes against homosexuals. Stop playing the bigot card just because we don’t agree with your lifestyle.

    10. I agree with that statement. I’m bisexual myself and I have several friends who don’t agree with my sexuality but I honestly couldn’t give a fuck if they simply disagree. That is their right. Now if they started saying I should die because of it or that I should be banned from having sex with whoever I want. Then I would have a problem. Personally I’m just grateful i can be myself in this part of the world and have my opinion without getting my head chopped off.

    11. To add to my own comment- Nor will I attempt pressuring my viewpoint upon anyone on this. Just be yourselves folks. The hate crimes and violence aren’t cool, but there are crimes and violence happening to every type of person just because someone else doesn’t like what they do or how they live. Pinpointing crimes against the LGBT community is kinda drinking the Kool-aid from the media.

  17. Jesus said some are born gay.
    Here Jesus refers to “eunuchs who have been so from birth.” This terminology (“born eunuchs”) was used in the ancient world to refer to homosexual men. Jesus indicates that being a “born eunuch” is a gift from God.

    1. It’s in all translations, there’s very little ambiguity in the translation of Matt19:12/13, the entire New Testament really, since the source material is predominantly Greek corroborated by Aramaic and Ethiopian copies.

    2. I have a whole bunch of machines at work that were made in current day Japan. the warning labels and instruction manuals were translated from Japanese into English. BOTH of which are modern languages, still in use. . Yet the manuals are mostly gibberish due to mis-translation. AND you people think that your bible was accurately translated from ancient texts??!! LOL!!!!!

    3. Being circumcised (all Jewish males had this on the 8th day after birth or at a later age if they joined into the covenant of the Jewish people later in life. Being “made a eunuch” was something else. “Born that way”=probably lacking testicles or with un-descended, undeveloped or absent testicles. Made eunuchs by [men]=castrated (in a very primitive manner, often done to males who were slaves and male servants who attended the wives or daughters of their owners.

      In the old Testament, there is an injunction that no eunuch can join with the congregation of “the chosen people” of Israel (the Jewish people). However, in the New Testament, the fact that one of the very first converts to Christianity was, in fact, a eunuch, is believed to be a “sign” that God accepts EVERYONE, regardless of their sexual status, their fertility or their “male-ness”.

      The Bible, incidentally, seems to have no female equivalent of “eunuch”, other than the “barren woman”.

    1. No god didn’t do shit because God is a creation of a primitive hairless ape that didn’t understand what lightning was, or where the sun went at night.

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