N-Word Knockout Video Becomes Viral Meme

N-Word Knockout Video becomes Viral meme
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N-Word Knockout Video Becomes Viral Meme

March 23, 2016 – While Martin Luther King Jr. espoused a philosophy of non-violence, a meme depicting Dr. King smiling down at someone who just used a racial slur getting punched in the face seems like something he might be okay with. One Oklahoma teen recently learned a hard lesson in race relations after using a particularly incendiary racial epithet. The results were unsurprising:

Adding insult to injury a video clip of the confrontation made the rounds on Black Twitter with equally predictable results:

N-word knockout video becomes viral memeTwitter user, @aleeyah405, claims she was responding to a series of threats made by the girl on the receiving end of her Harriet Tubman approved-fist. When she confronted the girl over her statements, well, you saw the video.

So is using the image of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist and other Civil Rights icons to celebrate a racial smackdown a bridge too far? Funny or Offensive? VOTE and COMMENT now.

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