Naked Man Poops on Kroger Checkout Kiosk

Naked Man Poops on Kroger Checkout Kiosk
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Cleanup on Aisle Eww

June 6, 2016 – A man mistook a self-check out aisle for a Porta-Potty inside a Kroger in Ohio this week. The 23 year old man, after what must have been a great deal of alcohol, was reportedly found swaying back and forth and talking incoherently inside the grocery store by store employees. Instead of picking up some necessities, Colin Murphy was apparently of a mind to drop off a few things. The man disrobed in the middle of the check out area and defecated on an automated self-check out kiosk much to the chagrin of the shift manager.

According to police documents, Murphy is alleged to have recklessly exposed his private parts.”
Naked Man Poops on Kroger Checkout Kiosk
Murphy was arrested and charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct. While he’s not expected to comment publicly before his scheduled arraignment next week.
Naked Man Poops on Kroger Checkout Kiosk
He was given a $2,000 bail in court and ordered to stay away from the Kroger location.

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