Need a Hand with Your Karaoke?

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April 16, 2015 – Leave it to a Japanese game show to concoct something that sounds like a Stefon monologue from Saturday Night Live:It’s that thing, where a man does karaoke, on television, while a girl gives him a handjob, but the naughty parts are hidden behind a little red satin tent…” WTF, Japan? You never cease to impress.

Contestants must carry a tune throughout, and the ummm, climax, of Sing What Happens occurs when the aforementioned contestant ejaculates. If the hand isn’t doing the trick, the use of feet is permitted. Again: Japan, we salute you.

We’re waiting to be selected for the show and are currently practicing Come On Eilleen.

In the meantime, is the following clip a happy ending or is the Benihanahandjob a little too much? Vote now.



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