Public Bomb Scare Pranks by the Jalal Brothers

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Public Bomb Scare Pranks by the Jalal Brothers

January 24, 2016 – Comedians worldwide well know the fear of bombing, but in the case of three Arab brothers from Australia, bombing is exactly the point. The Jalal Brothers have taken the fear of Islam and turned it into a viral prank sensation. Their videos feature the Jalals costumed in traditional Arab garments, walking up to unsuspecting civilians, throwing backpacks and bags at them, and immediately running away – the implication being that they’ve just dropped a bomb.

Public Bomb Scare Pranks

For some, hilarity ensues when the victims are caught on hidden cameras desperately attempting to flee the scene. The Jalals pranks are currently racking up millions of views on social media.

But not everyone is finding it funny. Australian Yahoo News didn’t have trouble finding criticism of the pranks:

“I’d shoot you without hesitation. It’s funny until you’re dead.”

“A lot of people are afraid to leave their homes because of this exact reason. I can take a joke, but this is not a joke.”

Are the Jalals making things worse or actually using comedy to make a positive difference?

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0 thoughts on “Public Bomb Scare Pranks by the Jalal Brothers

  1. They never got shot. That was a rumor reported as news by one of the usual rags. And while some of the cuts are funny, it’s more because of the delivery. Riding the trike, jumping out of the tree, the escalator, that sort of thing. Making fun of something is fine when it’s drawing on people’s predudices and whatnot, but the stuff they’re making fun of is actually happening out there. So when they do finally get attacked or killed, it will be their own fault. Won’t be many tears shed for them either. I laughed at a couple and I love prank humor, but show some common sense.

    1. It’s happening in Australia? That is the joke – that people are actually scared of this kind of thing happening in their neighbourhood when you are more likely to die from a lightning strike in broad daylight. They demonstrate the ridiculousness of the whipped-up, unreasonable fear we in the west have of everything Arabian.

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